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What would you do???


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SE Kansas
Hey all you snow guys out there. There aren't a lot of snow contractors in my area. I bought a atv from a Friend and thought it was a good way to make some money pushing snow and a toy to play around on when I feel like getting out in the country. Well I haven't found much time to ride it and the plow set ups were a little higher than I thought. Then when I inquired about pusing for my commercial clients many have gone with farm boys with utlitly tractors. I know that I could make some money pushing a few accounts this winter but I'm not sure it would take of and pay off the atv with some profit within the next few year. Maybe I shoud just sell it and get out from under the whole thing.
I really do not know what to charge. I figured on 2" minimum with $25 per res. drive and and $50.00 per hour on large commercial. I thought about icemelt but I need a chemical liscence to put that down so I thought about sand. Sand is really cheap and not long to apply. I think the best thing to do is sell and sit next to the fire in winter. If I feel ambitious a $20.00 snow shovel is a great investment!!!


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Ontario, Canada
I'm not sure what you guys usually get for snow but here and atv wouldn't do much. A compact tractor would be the way to go for jobs close to your shop or a blade for your truck. I really hate the cold weather so I don't do snow, YET.