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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Deebo53, Apr 4, 2012.

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    ***All these jobs will have 4 Laborers at $10 an hour

    This is our first year in business so we are just trying to line up as many jobs as possible to get the learning experience down. We low balled ourselves quite a bit on our first job. I don't want to overcharge anyone, but I also do want to make a profit.

    1st Job is a fresh landscape job, everything from scratch (no dumping)
    (Drawn Picture)

    -43 Boxwood Shrubs at $25 per shrub = $1075
    -2 Japanese Red Maple Trees at $120 per tree = $240
    -7 Yards of Red Mulch at $30 per yard (Also installing weed preventing tarp separate expense $20 per 120ft) = $250
    - Soil for trees (not sure on price yet) = $40 ??
    -Labor (8 Hours 4 Employees) = $320
    -Gas = $30

    Cost = $1955

    The total I came up for Job #1 is as follows
    -43 Boxwood shrubs at $56 = $2408
    -2 Japanese Red Maple Trees = $600
    -7 Yards Red Mulch = 400
    -Soil = $80

    Rough Estimate = $3488 (Is there anything you would do differently?)

    2nd Job (Close friend, don't want to charge him too much at all)

    This job is the one with the pictures...

    -There are 16 Trees like this that need mulch ($30 per yard) and 1 more replanted (dont know cost of tree im guessing around $150-200)

    -There are 6 Shrub Beds on the property which needs to be mulched as well

    -He also wants some Perennials on a bed by his signs i'd say about 10 Flowers.

    Questions: How many yards of mulch do you think would be needed?? (I dont know dimensions but i was thinking around 10-12 yards)

    How long do you think this job would take with 4 employees? (job is a 30 min drive each way)

    How much would you guys charge, again this is a close friend and I dont want to over charge him but I don't want to lose money or break out even?

    Thanks for reading my novel guys lol I really do appreciate it


    Landscape 1.jpg

    Landscape 2.jpg
  2. Labor on first job needs to be adjusted big time. That is $10 per MH. You need to be at at least $30 per MH on landscape work.
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    So you're saying to charge $960 for labor?? Do you usually put labor on your estimate printouts?? $960 for labor just seems like too much to me, especially for someone who is new to the industry and just trying to land some jobs. Did you always charge $30 per MH on all of your work?
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    Thats how i feel too :/
  6. Yes, I itemize everything. No I didn't charge those rates when I first started, but that was bc nobody helped me along. Let me ask you this, if you are paying your help $10/hour and you are billing them at $10, your breaking even, right? Do you feel that you should be making money on your labor?
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    My question was if i should put labor on my estimate and bill to the customer. The way i did it was just added prices to the other items such as the mulch and schrubs do get to the 3488 total. Do you put labor on your invoices and estimates??
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    Line item materials (mark them up)
    Line item labor (mark it up)
    Line item expenses (mark them up)

    Your in business to make money.
  9. Yes, everything is itemized. Basically what punt said in general is the way to go. NEVER give the customer the wholesale price of plants or mulch, and always mark up labor. I'm at $35/MH. Thats on the higher end in my area.
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    Thanks a lot man. I just want to make sure I get the jobs. I know I might lowball a little right now, but ill take that 1500 profit over losing the job just the first year. I think once i get a little more credibility under my belt ill up it a little bit.

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