what would you guys charge to chop down these trees?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by JJG84, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. JJG84

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    ok there are a total of 6 trees. 5 of them are clustered together with a wooden fence next to them. They all of pretty small trunks but they are REALLLLY tall. If i were to take a guess, I'd say 30-50feet. The pictures of the single tree that I highlighted is of a dead tree that is leaning is leaning towards the house. There are also some power lines that seem to be in the vicinity of the trees.

    The homeowner also wants the stumps grinded down, and he wants all of the wood hauled off of the site.

    What do you guys think - I would like some opinions?

    I will probably end up contracting the job out to someone else who is better suited to do the job, but I would like to kind of get an idea what you guys would charge for a job like this?


    5 trees parking log.jpg



  2. Manscape

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    I'm not a tree service, but have done some trees fairly cheap...There's really only one tree service where I live and they do EVERYTHING in my area...They're not over the top with pricing, but they make their money. My guess if they did those trees, and grinded would be between $2000-$2800....People may think this is a lot of money but you gotta remember trees are no joke....These guys always have at least 3 trucks with them (1 chip truck/Bucket/Pickup-towing stump grinder) at least 3 guys....saws...polesaws...etc. and remember insurance for trees is crazy money....so someone may say "oh I'd do that for $1000, and these guys are gonna charge $3k"....keep everything in perspective.

    If I were to do those trees (which I wouldnt because they're near a house/fence/and powerline lol) I'd prob charge $1500....Free fire wood.
  3. nepatsfan

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    i agree with every sentence.
  4. castle555

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    This is one that looks like it should be sub-contracted to a professional tree service outfit that is set up to handle it. Too many things that look as though they will go wrong here.
    I will take down trees, if I have the time, and it's relatively easy to take care of the bucked-up pieces. If I can't do it with an 18" to 20" chainsaw and two guys, forget it, I'd rather build waterfalls.
    And, I agree with manscape about cost, etc. That's about what the prices would run here in my area.
    -Also, I'm curious, as one photo shows a wooden fence, and another view shows nothing there, then the third view is different still. Its strange that the five trees appear to be next to two different fences. Probably no mystery here.
  5. climber338

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    hire an arborist let bob joe and gary cut the grass. sorry just one of our sayings. tree care is highly specialized and no offense but your average landscaper cant do it. find any arborist and let him do it and he can do that job for about a grand or so. How many trees i think i counted 5 or 6?
  6. ashgrove landscaping

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    If you have power lines involved, just stay away. If you have to ask then you are not experienced enough to deal with it. Be safe and tell them to hire an arborist.
  7. DJJS

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    I agree 100% I'm no arborist, but I worked with my uncles tree service pretty much every chance I had for a long time, then added on tree removals as an additional service for my own business once he retired about a year ago, I do the climbing & I'm insured for it, my insurance rates more then quadrupled because of it. For those trees I wouldnt even consider doing them for less then $ 3,000 cut down, chipped up & hauled off, not including the stumps. If you dont have much expierence climbing/rigging, you should sub it out, one mistake and someone could end up dead
  8. hackitdown

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    No F-ing way would I mess with those. If I can't let 'em drop where they want to drop...then I'm out. Power lines, houses, fence, driveway = disaster waiting to happen.
  9. clydebusa

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    Well I own a 42' lift, in the Tulsa OK area, it would probably be 2500 to 3k.
  10. nepatsfan

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    Its funny that this thread is up right now. A buddy of mine(who is on this site) has a small landscape company. He dropped a tree into a ladies house the other day. I am gonna try to get him to post pictures.

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