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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Roachy, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. StihlMechanic

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    Its cheaper that sodding at .45 sq ft. To answer your question, no, not that large of a property, yet anyways. Largest so for was close to 4000 sq ft of turf. It good profit I guess.
  2. Dr.NewEarth

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    Make sure you use a quality grass seed mix. Up here we call it "grade one"

    Grass seed usually has at least three different families of grass in the mix, here.
    That way if one family gets a disease and dies out, the others will take its place.
    I believe they do the same with wheat farming and potatoes

    It sounds like you have researched your project.
    Some-one mentioned what if another company comes in after you and sprays....
    You better find out from the client and/or put a disclaimer into your contract.
  3. SimonCX

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    I think he means .045 or I'm moving and only doing slit seeding.
  4. greenstar lawn

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    sounds to cheap bud. Even though the lawn might look thin i can tell you that you will get a lot more thatch then you think. Pictures might help as well. Are you renting the machine or do you own it? How are you picking the thatch up? hopefully bagging it with your mower. Do you have to take the dead grass away? Plus i always use more seed then what is recommended. When we do dethatching here my min is $125.00 for your typical 5k yard and does not include seed. Don't sell yourself short man, i mean after all you wanna make money right? After all you do have to pay your brother too.
  5. Roachy

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    from NJ
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    Ya you guys are definatley all right. Even though its a little under 1/4 acre I figured seed and starter fert alone will cost me about $100. I was planning on using a john deere dethatcher pulled behind a lawn tractor. Its worked well for me in the past. I would just bag everything with my walk behind and then overseed and use starter fert. I was planning on using a pennington mixture of mostly rye, with fescue and bluegrass; and a lesco starter fert. Just curious on your opinions of these. I still figure about 2 hrs for the job but figured I would charge at least $250. Do you still think this sounds low or about right? Also, how much straw do you guys normally put down for overseeding?
  6. Roachy

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    from NJ
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    Any input would be great
  7. grassman222

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    What area of jersey are you in if you dont mind me asking? Its tough sometimes to get grass growing in the south jersey sand :) .
  8. grassman222

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    Im working on pricing a overseeding job now . I have a minimum price of 18 cents per square foot. My problem is its a relitive im pricing it for :) and the price is in the area of $1200 . Think they will pay for it lol ... probably not stinkin relatives :)
  9. Roachy

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    from NJ
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    Im in north jersey. The problem with this guys lawn is it's a fairly new house so the grass seems like it is just contractor grade with complete bare patches scattered throughout. Theres also small rocks and little pieces of asphalt throughout the lawn which might make it harder for seed to grow in. Whats the best way to go about getting nice thick grass to grow? Do you think the steps I had listed before are going to be sufficient?

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