What would you guys do??? trade up or keep truck??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BCR840, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. BCR840

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    I have a 2006 F-150 4x4, extendend cab 4.6 v8 with 93K miles. It is paid for. My question is... should I keep it or sell it myself to get the $$$ out of it and put that towards another more capable truck?

    I have a lawn and landscape business and have a fulltime job. I find myself having to be very creative when it comes to picking up plants, pinestraw, rocks etc. and having my Toro granstand, Walker MCGHS, blowers, edgers, and all the other common stuff loaded. i have limited space in the cab and as kids get bigger its becoming very tight. This truck is great for daily driving but seems to lack power and stopping ability when hauling a trailer and stuff in the back (5.5ft bed).

    I have considered selling this vehicle to purchase one of several listed below.
    2005-2008 f-150 5.4 Crew (not much of a differece)
    2003-2006 f-250 diesel/crew (worried about the 6.0,6.4 motor problems)
    2003-2007 2500 HD duramax / crew( still expensive with alot of mileage)

    Would I be causing myself more headache than its worth with diesels, having the maintenance, upkeep, and higher gas prices etc?

    I am looking at mostly used with mileage around 100k-165k on the diesels.

    oh and my current truck gets 12mpg while towing and 14-16mpg without towing.

    I am not looking for a Chevy/Ford argument, just want to know if im crazy for not wanting to keep this truck. (Cant afford another car payment)
  2. BCR840

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    And Also these trucks with gas motors were the other options. Thanks
  3. RussellB

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    Keep what you have. Your kids will thank you when it is time for them to go to college. If this is your part time gig you don't need the debt.
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  4. andersontl2

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    Keep it, I have always hated car payments. I drive a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 it has had a new transmission, and the motor has 225K (knock on wood) it is still running like a top. But I have put a few $$$$ in it over the years but I justify it by saying it's better than a 5 year note, or in some cases an 8 year car note. No way I want to be tired down that long on a car payment! So I would tell you or anyone for that matter to keep what you have if it's paid off. Save for something and pay cash for a new rig when you have the cash! Easier said than done I know, but $500+ a month for a vechile is a little steep in my book!

    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Keep it. That truck is more than capable for what you are using it for.
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  6. BCR840

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    I hear what you guys are saying. I know I dont want any debt. I was just thinking if I sold the truck for the book value I would find another used truck for the same amount but with at least 4 full doors. But then again you never know how someone took care of their truck. Thanks for the answers.
  7. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    Buy a longer trailer or put a landscape bed with a dovetail on your truck.

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