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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by BENT, May 21, 2002.

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    I bid a job to spread about 120 yds of black dirt. The dirt was aready there. When I bid it I didnt know that about 75 yds of it was very wet. I spent twice as long as it should of taken,trying my best to grade it smooth. I gave it a day to dry out, went back still to wet. I was almost getting stuck with my tracks on. I graded it as good as I could, didn't look to bad. Could't get all the track marks out. Anyway, I'm woundering what you guys would do. go back after a wail when it is dry,yes, no,do i charge,maybe just a small trip charge. Or do you thing i did my job and if he wants it final graded I charge it.
  2. I'm sure you talked to the customer about the job. What were they expecting?
    Maybe its good enough to serve their purpose, if not talk to them about why it's as it is and what it will cost them to do additional grading.
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    hopefully you didn't have a specific amount on the bid. If this is so ask the client what they were realy looking for and tell them and explain to them the situation.

    If you are bound by the contract for a specific amount--You win some am\nd you loose some!!!! You should have looked at the dirt before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This might be a learning experiance for you and just try to break even.

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    Always a good idea to include something about onsite or customer bought materials in a bid. I never guarantee the materials or being able to use the material. If a customer wants me to use material they have or will purchase I include in the bid that if the materials are sub standard or have other problems it may result in a surcharge which I will notify the customer of when it becomes known. Always inspect materials before use and cover you back.
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    I'll still make money on this job. I'm going back next week, I just don't like leaving it the way it was. I never bid a job low just to get the work. I figure what I need to do it, if I get it I go do it. There was no way of checking the dirt, I think it was there all winter and it was a bunch of 15 yrd dumps right on top of each other. It didn't start getting wet til I got close to the middle of the pile.I learned from it though, it wont happen again! Thanks guys.

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