what would you guys say???

scott in the soo

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soo, ontario
got a call today from someone who wanted a "ball park" price on a spring cleanup.. I hate that. i told her i couldn't give a price unless i saw her property. she said she wanted a price over the phone. I said sorry, can't do that.

i,m guessing it was probably the mother or sister of one of my competitors looking for my prices..

what do you guy's think and what what you say to a customer looking for prices over the phone?


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Houston, TX
I would have also tell her that I don't do prices on the phone. Would not worry about it. I gave a price over the phone 1 time and got screwed. Won't do it again for anybody.


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I get about a call like this every month or so from my yellow pages ad. You just gotta deal with this every now and again.

Just yesterday, this lady called me and her caller ID was private. She wanted a price to trim some shrubs, clean the beds, etc. I told her I can't even give a ballpark without seeing the property. I explain that I'll be glad to give her an estimate.

Me: "Can I get your name, please?"

Her: "Mrs Smith."

Me: "And your address?"

Her: "Well, let me talk to my husband first."

It's just something that's going to happen. When people call you with a private caller ID, it's usually not a good sign. When they refuse to give you their name, you know you're wasting your time. When that happens, just end the call as quickly as possible and get back to work. If they won't give you their name, it's over.

DFW Area Landscaper


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Providence, RI
When they ask for a ballpark figure, I give exactly that, the price to clean up a ballpark. Usually gets some good laughs.:eek:


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Originally posted by EastProLawn
When they ask for a ballpark figure, I give exactly that, the price to clean up a ballpark. Usually gets some good laughs.:eek:

HAHA good one.

Seriously I will not ever give a price over the phone. Just too many variables, must see the work.


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Clinton, NJ
Ball park for a Spring Cleanup no problem...minimum is $150 and can be as much as a thousand or more...and you said your address is where sir/ma'am?

Hello? Hello? Click...think I have made my point


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I tell them exactly that I have to see the property.

scott in the soo: I lived up there with my wife for about 2 years while her paperwork(greencard) went through. Right on Alexanderia St. About 1/2 block from the international bridge.


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People that give quotes over the phone are just scam artists who want to get a foot in the door then use every dirty trick in the book to try and up the price when they get there.
People who get quotes over the phone and then expect the quoted price or a good service are morons who deserve no sympathy.
Both the above mentioned parties are made for each other.

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