what would you have done? (long)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Frontier-Lawn, Sep 9, 2005.

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    i mow a ladys house on one street and the guy 3 doors down wanted some bed work done so i say let me see what you need. well i walk down and he wants 3 shrubs trimmed and they are in the middle of a huge fire and mound. about 4' long on the side of the house. i tell him thanks but no thanks and by. he goes on to say fire ant bites are just bull no-one gets hurt from them. i leave and go back to my mow job. every time i'm mowing he just stands at his mail box and stares at me. well today, he walk's to the neighbor that is out doing some garage painting (after i get there) & starts talking to a neighbor (across from the house im doing.) about how im a slacker and don't do work if theres any bugs around the plant. that did it for me i re-lock my trimmer i was geting ready to use walk over and i let lose and tell him off, & if i ever see him around me near my rig or i find out that he has been bad mouthing me 1) ill slap him with a restranting order 2) ill sue him for slander & emotional stress. he say later to the guy and goes and hides in his house. fine if i do a bad job tell people but don't try to slander me if i turn down a job due to fire ants. after i pack up a little later, the neighbor come over with a coke for me and tell's me to pay no attention hes the neighborhood nut job from nyc/jersey.
    any one get nuts like this?
  2. Frontier-Lawn

    Frontier-Lawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    ps the mow job is $45wk (10min mow and 30min-mostly trim/edge) and i dont want to drop it because of the nut but, he freaks me out.
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    he'll prob leave ya alone now.heck i got a guy that hates my guts that his dad owns a trailer park where i have a few accts.everytime i go there he calls the law on me,they come out and tell him i aint tresspassing if i have permission from the renter to be there and they leave.anyway i have to keep one eye on my work one eye on my rig and one eye on my back.but i say screw him if i quit going out there he wins.it aint gonna happen.

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