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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jsf343, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Long story short, I have a chance to buy another LCO and I am trying to figure out what a good price is to pay. Here is the details....
    37 full time accounts, 7 by weeklys, 44 total. All are on year long contracts, monthly income is around $5700.00. He has a 96 ford crew cab, (think its a 250) he is looking to get 7800.00 for the truck. Has a 52" ztr, (not sure what
    brand, I have an e-mail out with a ton of questions trying to nail all the specifics) also has an exmark 21", backpack blower, stick edger, weed eater,
    6x12 flatbed trailer, and various other small tools including hand tools.
    He stated that he was looking for around 23,000 to 25,000 for accounts only. I told him that 1 to 3 months gross sounded a little more reasonable.
    any opinions (I know there always are ) I need opinions on the equipment including truck, and accounts if anyone wants to take a stab at this. Thank you in advance! Jeff
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    Mower is a 96' 52" Toro Groundsmaster, exmark is not being sold, truck is a 96' f-250 with 170,000 miles, power stroke diesel. Accounts are 25 weekly, and 9 by weekly. For a total of 34. I am thinking now that 3 months gross is maybe too much. Dont know a thing about the Toro, it seems like a 96' is pretty old. It was serviced religiously and owned originally by the State of Oregon. Also don't know a lot about the truck, I am not very familiar with that year Ford, seems like 7,900 is a bit high for that many miles, but then again it is a diesel. For anyone on here who has a toro like that how do you like it? give me some feedback please.
    Yes this is posted in the business section as well so disreguard it if you see it.

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