What would you price this at? (Pricing survey)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BAMARED, Apr 17, 2002.


    BAMARED LawnSite Member
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    Here in the deep south, I would price this average sized home that's on 2/3 acre at $45 per servicing for once every two weeks or $40 per servicing for once every week. (Which is the market average for my area.) This includes cut, edge, trim and blow.

    In the area that you are from - what would you price it at? Just curious to see how the prices differ in the different areas.



    (Pictures of front & back yards)

  2. KDJ

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    Central Florida

    55.00 if they would pick up the toys. 60.00 if I did.
    Thay would be per cut add 20.00 if grass was over 8" tall.
  3. Twotoros

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    45$/week they pick-up 55/Ipick-up
    65& bi-weekly they pick-up 75/I pick it up

    And I would hope to not get the bid as I already have high BP.
  4. RMDoyon

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    $2040 annually.
    Includes one aeration.

  5. randosh4

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    $85.00 they pick-up toys @95.00 if i do it
  6. Brickman

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    Where I live in WY this would be $70 to $75 a cut, that is weekly. Because I don't cut ten days, or two weeks.
    They would have to pick up the toys.

    I took the sq. footage, (figuring an acre to be 43,400 sq. ft.) I have a formula worked out, if I know the sq. footage I can figure a price pretty quick. That isn't the only thing I take into consideration tho.

    BAMARED LawnSite Member
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    What is high BP?


  8. Darryl G

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    Brain problems? But really, I believe it is blood pressure.
  9. AK Lawn

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    would have to get a better look but prices in AK seem a lot lower than you guys guess i need to raise my price, probably why i don't make all that much over the top, but i would price it at 45$, is that to cheap?
    AK Lawn
  10. rodney

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    from sw,ohio
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    i think he ment bullsh!t properties

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