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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Jul 1, 2001.

  1. lawnboy82

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    ok, just a thought, for those of you who cut a variety of lawns with a variety of machines. what would you rather try to stripe, a small lawn lets say 10M with lots of gardens and trees to contend with, or a big area, where each pass takes a good 2 minutes to complete. i find that doing the small lawns isnt so bad, but you dont get the stripes, and the big ones takes some accuracy to get em nice and straight if you dont have something straight to begin with.
  2. joshua

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    lawnboy82, we mmostly cut bigger lawns with straight shoots, but all of them have gardens and that kinda stuff. i kind it easier to mess up on the bigger lawns, but harder to manuver on the ones with all the gardens in the middle and stuff, but they look great when you put strips on both sides of them and they match up perfect. no matter what i cut it sure feels good to do something you love to do and get paid good money for it.
  3. kutnkru

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    We call this a hay field in my neighborhood! :laugh:

  4. jnjnlc

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    Most of my lawns are 10 to 20K. They get stripes too. I do not use a stripping kit. I tried one like EricElm has, but I could not stand the chain gang chasing me all day (no offence Eric). My Ztr makes pretty good stripes without the kit.
  5. Eric ELM

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    Here is an example of big lawn, no striping kit used for this photo, this was taken before I got the kit last summer, plenty of obsticles, and it takes all the accuracy I have to do this one, lining up the different areas. :)

  6. crazygator

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    Yes we know Eric, you are the stripe God, or stripe master, and damn good too. Maybe soon I can come and you teach me how! I am thinking of attaching a strip kit on my mower. She is blonde and really cute too. Will this help with my patterns? LOL! Oh well just a nice thought!!! As far as the 1st question, different stroke for different folks, I like larger properties, but some smaller ones are nice too.
  7. Runner

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    What a beautiful house! Now THAT'S the American Dream!:cool:
  8. Richard Martin

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    That can't be the American Dream! There's no pier with a 40 Fountain on a boat lift under a boat house at it. :eek: Seriously though, a house like that would run around 400k to 500k with property taxes in the 4k range.
  9. cos

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    2 Minutes a pass? What a lawn!
  10. jeffyr

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    $400-$500,000 with taxes at $4k
    Not in NJ......at least not near Bergen County.
    I would guess that is $800,000 with taxes at $15,000 +.

    I have a 50x100 plot and my taxes are $4500 per year !!!

    Welcome to NJ.
    "The Tollbooth State"

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