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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shmoishere, May 31, 2012.

  1. shmoishere

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    We have a campground with several large lawn areas (2+acres each). We are currently mowing these areas with a JD670 tractor using a mid mount deck and a hydraulic dump bagger. Obstacles and tight areas are pre-edged with smaller riders or pushers. We are currently bagging all the clippings on the property. All of these larger areas are fairly flat, but there are some obstacles here and there.

    The 670 is growing a little old in the tooth and is slated to be put into back-up service, as well as doing work pulling trailers, rototilling, box blading, etc.

    I am looking for suggestions on a machine to replace our current big mower. I am guessing we would need to continue bagging, as we are located in NW Washington and during the summer months the lawns grow like wild fire. With our 4 man crew, we are only able to cut everything once a week. Of course this includes all the addtional small lawns covering the 25 acre proerty. However, we have also been using our current setup for so many years, I wouldn't know what other mowing options to consider. Hence, I am asking the question...."what would you use to mow these big areas"

    Here is an example of the lawns we are dealing with.

    Thanks in advance,





  2. shmoishere

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    I should also add, we have a fantastic John Deere dealer. Plus, a big portion of our maintenence fleet is also John Deere. We have a couple riders and a few Gators that we have been extremely happy with, as well as the 670 and lots of smaller equipment. We are considering all options, but I thought I should at least mention that we have been very happy with our JD dealer. :clapping:

  3. TriCountyLawn

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    If your doing that much bagging then I would look into grasshoppers.
  4. Bashby

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    I would think if you had a good ztr, you would be able to keep up with the grass and eliminate bagging. You should be able to cover twice the ground in a given amount of time.
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  5. Ridin' Green

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    As long as your 670 is still running well enough to do the tilling and hauling type stuff, and you like your JD dealer, look at their commercial Z's. I have owned a Z720, and now a Z950. The Z700 and Z900 series are both great mowers that will do the job for you.

    There are lots of other good machines to look at from other manu's, but I thought I'd look at the Deere Z's anyway since you like your dealer pretty well, and Deere Z's cut great under any circumstance, not just when the weather is dry and nice. Dealer support is more important than anything else when you make your living with your machines.
  6. BINKY1902

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    I would demo one of the large John Deere zero turns and use it for a week to see if you like it. The time you save over the tractor may allow you to do the property at closer intervals and still be better off time and cost wise. I would demo one with a mulch kit to see if the bagging could be eliminated as well.
  7. BrandonV

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    i think a walker would be a good choice
  8. Patriot Services

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    That is nice enough for a Walker.
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  9. KrayzKajun

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    I agree with that. A walker would shine on a property like that!! I love cutting properties that deserve the use of my walker.
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  10. 93Chevy

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    Get a mulching deck on a 72" zero turn.

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