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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mcwlandscaping, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. mcwlandscaping

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    My dad and i are going to be building a new storage area for me ( a huge shed) and i would like to know some things that you guys, if you were building one for your equipment and tools, would want to have in yours....such as, types of doors, windows, window placement, racks inside, etc.... be creative too as it may give others ideas!
  2. Lawn Masters

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    I'd want a workbench about 5' long, that goes from the wall to 3' out, a set of racks for the trimmers/edgers, blower racks, and a place to put your tools next to the workbench. simple enough aint it?
  3. dwlah

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    Going with the idea you are going to do your maintenance in the shed
    Id go with as wide as an equipment door(roll up/garage) as you can get You never know what you may get down the road
    A regular door so you dont have to use the roll up door just to go in/out
    Skylight/clear roof panel
    2x4 florescent lights
    have a three way switch with one at the house so you wont have to walk all the way back to turn the lights out
    outside flood lights all the way around it
    Have its on panel box
    plenty of outlets include a couple of 220v outlets(air compressor welder etc)
    work bench with vise
    stool for workbench
    refrigerator(dont want to have to go into the house to get a drink everytime you turn around)
    dedicated trash can for shed
    cabinet for supplies/parts/tools
    clock on the wall
    wireless intercom to talk to the house(dont want to miss dinner)
    phone line from house
    racks to hang equipment on + room for extra stuff
    windows -maybe one over the workbench depends on how big shed is actually going to be
  4. Brianslawn

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    auto shop vehicle lift for the trucks. multiple phone lines, cat 5 lines, coax lines if youre going to have an office in it. a big sink. lots of outlets on different breakers. little corner room with toilet, maybe. lots of 8' hi output flourescent fixtures. make sure they are hi output, mike, especially if youll be using them in the winter up there. wood stove. air hose and cord reels on ceiling, and enough room to put everything i already got!
  5. Brianslawn

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    lots of fire extinguishers, too!

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    If you can run some plumbing into it, would be nice to include a little "slop shower" where you could take a "pre-shower" to at least rinse the grass and dirt off first :)

    Maybe a kegerator with some cold beer on tap after a long day??? :laugh:
  7. Brianslawn

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    good idea, but mike only drinks root beer.

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    Room for expansion. Build it big and have a BIG door on it. It's a nice thing to be able to get the truck or a good sized tractor out of the weather. Hopefully you've got some acreage at your disposal. 20w x 40L x 14h would be nice. Wish I had one. It gets annoying digging little pieces of gravel out of your spine after a while.:dancing:
  9. wacamaster

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    A pole for strippers to dance on.

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