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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by Rfd519, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Rfd519

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    what would you guys buy with around $3000. im looking to get either a 48 or 52''. would it be that bad if i went with a residential to save money, im just starting out so right now id only have a couple accounts
  2. stihlgirl

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    Go ahead and get a nice commercial mower, and learn how to take care of it and do minor repairs. By the time you've built up your business, you'll be very comfortable cutting with it.
  3. PMG

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    Before you go out and spend your money on just a mower...

    There are companies out there like Snapper, Bobcat and one other one that I can't remember that offer packages. You can get a 48" mower, a string trimmer and a back pack blower for one low cost, if you have 3,000.00 you should be able to get this package for around 2,200 give or take, leaving you some money left over to possibly invest into a trailer, you can find them pretty inexpensive as well.

    Always keep your eyes open for a deal, starting out much like you are, it is best to invest wisely and not just buy a mower.

    I wish you the best of luck...

  4. jazak

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    I highly doubt that he can buy all that with just 3K they want 3K for wb belt driven mowers.
    I would buy a wb 36" or 48" mower put 1K and down finance the rest get a good weed wackwer and blower with the rest get a trailer.
  5. J&R Landscaping

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    Sine you are small and just starting out, I would look into buying a used mower, either 36 or 48". Maintain it and see how business goes. The money that you save on the mower can be put towwards a trimmer, blower and trailer and what ever else you want/need! JMO
  6. topsites

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    Ditto that, used machine is far better because it gives you the chance to learn before you invest in something brand new.

    Just go read about the guy who put a gash in the deck of his brand-new mower. See, that has never happened to me, not to say the gash isn't unusual (it is) but the only thing that has ever really gotten banged around is my old, used mower - The new one I don't put through that stuff, and so it stays nicer, longer.

    And now I have both a new and an old one (actually the new one is 1 year old, the old one is 8 years) which means I take the new one only onto turf I've dealt with before and the old one gets to do all the bush-hogging and off-road into the woods and horse pasture crap.

    You can put the old one through anything and it still turns out class-A turf later the same day. But you don't want to take a new one through just anything because ...but yet there's big money in that anything stuff.

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