What wrong with this tree / fungus?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by shovelracer, May 28, 2008.

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    When I first looked at it,I thought it was Anthracnose, but if you re saying whole branches are dying, (if this is indeed the case), it wouldn't be this. I would need to know how many branches have actually been lost, and want to see a branch or two that is declining. These Maple trees are very susceptible to Anthracnose, and it appears much worse tan it really is. If left aloe, te tree can recover over the next year, but it is not uncommon for this to happen from season to season. It is also common for these trees to drop leaves around now due to dry stress. Leaves are dopping like crazy around here right now...especially off Maples.
  2. RAlmaroad

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    Looks like some of the drought effects like we have on tree in TN.
  3. bj22

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    Check th main trunk for borers . Sound typical with 3 year decline and branches dying of Vert Wilt .
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    It sure the ____ ain't no fungus. Nor an insect. The leaves are certainly anemic -- possible lack of iron or manganese......is it planted in clay soil or near a concrete foundation? Leaf scorch too = too much sun + lack of needed micronutrients. Cupping of leaves too -- dicamba or just high pH soil?

    Bottom line: no insect or disease can cause these symptoms. It's either a nutrient deficiency or a root problem. (AzGardener made a great point regarding being planted too deep). Dieback of branches can also be caused by a late frost -- either from last year or this year.

    What ever you do, do NOT apply a foliar product on this tree........it could stress the plant and put it over the edge. How qualified is this "arborist"?:hammerhead:
  5. PHS

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    He took the test, or course he's qualified :)
  6. shovelracer

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    Im thinking american lawn is closest after some further review. I remember when the company did his install after they rebuilt the house from a fire. They slapped everything in the ground in mid december. Most of the larger shrub s and trees didnt make it more than 2 years. I highly doubt they amended the soil. The soil is garbage clay and the property was cut out so there isnt even good topsoil around. Highly likely there are large rocks buried around it and it is right next to the walkway. I could see the scorch cause it sits in full mid day sun and gets reflection from the walk and stone house veneer. I am now guessing root problem. So is the answer to check the soil and roots, add organic nutrients, and michorizae?
  7. americanlawn

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    Yep -- your cheapest bet is to amend the soil if possible. Then apply micro's (especially iron/manganese??) Dr. Bob Partyka (rest his sole) would tell you the same thing. I still think that "arborist" got his degree from a Cracker Jack box.
  8. humble1

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    mulch volcanoe around tree, what about weather conditions lately?
  9. naughty62

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    My quess would be girdled roots from improper planting . Too lazy to dig a big enough hole.K decicientcy for one and they dumped too much cheap fert on it .high ph clay and the lack of watering .just a guess .
  10. heritage

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    Maples have a shollow root system.

    In Clay, be 100% sure the Root Flair @ the base of the tree is at least 3" above soil line.

    If it is lower, the tree cannoy get O2, and is suffocating especially when the soil is wet. Clay takes quite a bit longer for the air pore space to displace the H2O for the O2.

    The tree is Drowning, is my best guess without seeing the plant in person.

    Raise it UP if it's low.


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