What year is it?


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I'm thinking of buying a Hustler Super Z. Heres the question how do I know what year it is? The engine sticker says 9/01. Is this when it was made or when the engine was made? I'm not sure that it really maters alot but I would just like to know to help me determine how much I think it is worth. Also is there anything wrong with that year mower as far as defects are consirned? It looks like new and when I started it and test drove it, it still had the new smell. It has 104hrs on it. Any help would be great. Also how much do you think it is worth? It has a 25 hp Kawasaki engine. Any way the warranty is transferable?


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We do not put a date on the engine, although we do use a date type serial #.
E-mail me the Hustler model and serial # and I can give you production date and original purchase date.
This info is located just below the seat, above the foot pan.
There were no major issues with the unit, the most important thing is the HD air filter, depending on how old it is it may not have it, in fact up until just this fall that is the only difference on the newer units.
Check to see if the unit has a Warner or Ogura clutch, the Ogura is the older clutch and may need to be adjusted for the best performance.
Depending on when the unit was purchased, we may be able to transfer the remaining warranty, this is all done through your dealer and our customer service department.