What you MUST know about SEO in 2012-2013.

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by kirkmbrown2001, Dec 17, 2012.

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    I hope you guys are happy. I deleted my plus page cause it was merged with my local page.
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    I just verified my google place and places this week by, well, tricking the system. They would not let me enter a PO box #, so I put the physical address of the post office, plus the box number. I was able to verify and it did pop up in some local listings. Though, I have a feeling you're going to tell me that will hurt in the long run.
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    Well, there are two components to this...

    The USPS did change to allow street addressing instead of the usual PO Box convention, although last I knew, you had to specifically sign up for the service. Regardless, these addresses are prohibited once we hit the Google guidelines.

    Re: your Google account, that's not an uncommon maneuver by any means, but usually their algorithm catches it and sends you to "pending review" purgatory. Since you were verified, the next worry is Google eventually cross-checking the address and closing your account. I'm surprised your address, which is plainly obvious when searching it, was not caught.

    For an interesting read re: the abuses, and subsequent consequences that hit an entire industry, just search: google local locksmith
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    Or, if you have local competition on here, they point it out to google along with a link to this thread just to get you pages flagged.
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    It's out there, and I do see it in the results, it's just not ranking yet. Like anything else index-related, give it some time and make sure you've optimized it as best you can.

    Re: optimization, you might want to watch out for keyword stuffing on your web site. I see 24 and 25 home page references to Stamford and Darien, as well as your footer is a textbook case of stuffing. Also, your county is spelled wrong, in the home page content.
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    thanks for the info. i wasn't sure if google local gets posted right away or not.

    thanks for the spelling mistake as well.

    any good website that you recommend for optimizing google local?
    i never knew that putting in town names was stuffing. i was thinking it was more for terms such as lawn care ect. as well i was not aware the footer was taken into the count. my assumption was it was only the page contents, that was considered for search results.

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