What your MPG?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Get Some..., May 31, 2012.

  1. Get Some...

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    Thats what I get with my 94' F-150 4x4, 3" lift and 31's.....pulling 6x10 s/a.
  2. Bumpmaster

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    Bout 10 all day every day,

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  3. Razorblades

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    I recently fueled up the 93 Dodge with cummins and 5 speed manual and checked my mileage which was 95% of the time hooked to the trailer doing my mowing schedule.

    I had 215 miles on this tank of fuel and it took 12.86 gallons of diesel fuel to completely fill the tank. Do the math and that comes out to 16.71 mpg.

    I know there seem to be some that doubt the validity of some of the MPG claims but my numbers are valid. The old 12 valve Cummins engines are known for their MPG capabilities, among other things.

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  4. JCLawn and more

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    1998 dodge 1500 2wd, auto, 173,000, 5.2 8-10 mpg pulling 6000 lbs most of the time.
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  5. Tinkerer

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    In town my 09 Ranger with a Mazda 2.3 4 cylinder and 5 speed manual gets 21-22 seemingly no matter how much weight I have in the back. During the hot spells of July I get 18-19 if I have the a.c. on all the time. I have never towed with it. It has a 3.73 rear axle ratio. The supercab 4 cylinder Rangers had a 4.10 rear axle ratio. Saturday I took a 450 mile round trip to a tractor show in southern Wisconsin. I had my 750 pound 79 Case 448 in it the entire trip and got 26.95 mpg with the a.c. on most of the trip.
    One thing that a lot of people overlook when they buy a truck: rear axle ratio.
    In 2005 I bought a 93 F150 with 300-6, 5 speed manual and 2.73 rear axle ratio. In town it got 13.5. I later found out the same truck with a 3.55 to 3.73 rear axle ratio will get 15-18 mpg in town. A friend of mine has owned half a dozen Chevy/GMC 1/2 ton with 4.3 V6 and the 3.42 rear axle ratio. He got 15-18 no matter what he does. His newest truck is 4.3 shortbed 4x4 but with the 3.73 rear and he only gets 14 around town.
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  6. Dimples82

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    from NC
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    2007 Toyota Tundra 4x4 5.7 liter
    16'x6.5' trailer
    10 mpg
  7. BaxtersEssentialLawnCare

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    2005 silverado 4x4 z71
    5.3 v8 140k
    one z one wb and misc handhelds

    i get 15mpg unloaded and 10-11 with a full load
  8. minilawn

    minilawn LawnSite Member
    from CO
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    1999 F-250 Crew 4x4 v10

    10 mpg towing 7x12 dual axle
  9. zackvbra

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    04 f250 6.0 powerstroke diesel 4x4 with a mild sct tune (to protect head gaskets and give me economy and produce power at the same time) and 4" turbo back exhaust. 18mpg with the enclosed trailer and two mowers and I run the ac all the time. 20.5 unloaded on the highway.
    I have highway tires, not all terrain, that probably gives me a little. and plus I always keep them aired up properly, I try to remember to check them once a week.
    Im not sure how much it weighs, but I know that it aint nothing for that diesel. cant even tell its back there.
  10. MiscCleanUpCrew

    MiscCleanUpCrew LawnSite Member
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    2006 Mark Lt
    Edge Evo programmer
    35" Goodyear Duratracs

    15-16 empty in the city
    18-19 empty on the highway
    13-16 with my mowers depending on where I'm mowing
    12-12.5 with my 6x12 enclosed trailer
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