What you're paying per yard of mulch

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by FineEdgeLawnsMD, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. LawnGuy110

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    We are paying anywhere from 12 to 22 bucks a yard. We install for 65 per yard. We are in Northern Virginia
  2. prezek

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    Wirtz gives a break to contractors. I think they were at 25 a yard last year. Picked up at their center of course. They supply their dyed to just about every other place around here, but haven't had much luck getting any sort of discount at any other place.
  3. FineEdgeLawnsMD

    FineEdgeLawnsMD LawnSite Member
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    Cool, thanks! I emailed T & M off Fountain Greene Rd and their price is 19.60 per yard, pretty damn cheap, worth the drive
  4. prezek

    prezek LawnSite Senior Member
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    Just looked at their site. Looks like they only carry regular shredded hardwood. Wirtz would be 20-21 I believe for that.
  5. tomsyardcare

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    Here in mass I have a few places where I buy mulch by the yard, never buy by the bag. They give me contractors price. One place is $2 off per yard the other is 20% off. Usually the 20% is the best deal
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  6. Townhouse Yards

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    I get mulch for $25 a yard plus a 15% discount, because I also work at the place I get mulch.
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  7. beatsworking

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    from MD
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    T&m is alright, most prices are better at wirtz though. Personally T&M is 15 minutes from me and wirtz is 30, I go to wirtz.
  8. devinraptor

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    In lower Delaware we pay
    $16 for tripple shredded hardwood
    $24 for dyed brown, black or red
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