What ZTR do I buy?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by rhyno77, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. damnfingers

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    If that's the Exmark Quest SP from 2010 it's got the B&S Vanguard engine, the 3100 hydraulics and a 5" fabricated deck. It's the equivalent of this years Quest Pioneer S series at a $1000 (or more) savings.
  2. Capemay Eagle

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    It is about time that Exmark got into the game in the residential department. The previous Quest models are a joke. The Pioneer and the upgraded Quest seem to be pretty decent machines.
  3. Capemay Eagle

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    I really like the Vanguard engines. I had one on my BadBoy, however 18.6 hours really does not give me enough time to judge the engine on longevity and reliability, but from what time I did use the machine, the engine was strong and had plenty of power.

    The only thing I did not like about the Vanguard was that it really liked to be really warm before it would engage the blades on the deck. The thing would just stall out at half throttle when it was cold. I don't think I have ever had a mower just stall out when engaging the blades at half throttle? cold or not! I really don't like to engage blades at high RPM's, I heard and assume that it is bad for the clutch. The Vanguard also seemed to use more gas than other engines I have had. It seemed to get a little better as time went on, but that engine was defiantly more thirsty than some of the engines I have owned!
  4. mdale

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    hey capemay,
    What engine do you have on your hustler? I have the 25 kaw and have notice that it will almost stall when engaging the blades when the engine is cold and half throttle.
  5. parrotfeathers

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    I don't think you are supposed to even try to engage the blades at half throttle--or when the engine is cold--on any brand.
  6. Popeye77

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    The manual on my old ztr and my new one say to engage the blades at FULL throttle. That's what I do. Check your owners manual see if it says the same could explain the stalling.
  7. rhyno77

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    The 2010 Quest was delivered last night for my demo, but with all this rain we have been getting I decided not to turn my regular yard into a mud pit. Instead I mowed a 1 acre side lot I have. This lot is twice as rough as my regular lawn and not as well maintained, like a farm pasture. Anyway I mowed the acre in 35 min and the grass was wet and soil was muddy but I wanted to see the limits of the machine. It never once stalled or bogged down I was mowing full speed without hesitation. I double checked it has the the Brigg Extended Life Series 22hp engine on it not the Vanguard. My dilemma is this do I trust in the Briggs engine or bump up to the Pioneer E Series and get a 22hp Kawasaki?
  8. bigjoedo

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    For the size lot you have and lots of obstacles, I vote for the Hustler Sport. Great machine (for Homeowner). I have one and actually enjoy cutting the grass. You could get the grass catcher also and stay under the $5000.

  9. saw n mow

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    Regarding engaging the blades, my owners manual (BadBoy MZ48) doesn't say anything about at what throttle position to engage the blades. I did download a Hustler Sport owners manual (when I was researching mowers) and they say this:

    With the engine running, engage the deck clutch switch and advance engine throttle to full rpm.

    NOTE: Engaging the deck clutch at high engine rpm or when under heavy load (in tall grass for example) can cause belts and/or electric clutch to slip, resulting in premature wear or possible damage.

  10. damnfingers

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    rhyno77...sorry for any confusion my original post concerning the Quest SP may have caused. I just checked my 2010 Exmark catalog and you're right...the Quest (not Quest SP) has the B&S ELS engine and it also has the ZT2800 hydrostatic transaxles, not the ZT3100's and it also has the 4" welded deck instead of the 5" deck. I don't know what price you were quoted on that because there's not one available where I am but it should be considerably cheaper than the 2011 Quest E. The one I've bought (and waiting on delivery still) is the 2010 Quest SP that does have the ZT3100's, the Vanguard with the Donaldson air filter system and the 5" welded deck. The SP costs $4999 (same as this year's Quest Pioneer E) and is closer to the $5999 Pioneer S in specs. The 2010 SP also weighs 100 lbs more than the 2010 Quest.

    Just a note...in this area (south Mississippi) it seems like most of the yard services are using some version of the Exmark mowers and there are 3 Exmark dealers within 20 minutes of my house. There are also two Toro, one Scag, one Bad Boy, one Hustler and one Ferris in the area so I've gotten to look at a lot of mowers the last month or so.

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