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Whats a Common Residential Fertilizer Shedual?

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Can somebody please help me out, I have a customer who wants me to put him on a shedual to make his grass real thick and green, what should I use to put down, and how many times a year/season do I repeat this method!!

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Originally posted by Green Pastures
Take a soil sample.
Get it tested.
Follow the advice of the lab based on what the soil needs.
Good advice there...also, do you have a Lesco dealer there or any other fertilizer dealer in your area? They will know something more related to you region. Take your soil sample to your local extension service then they will give you advice....along the lines of what Green Pastures suggested.

If it tells you that something is missing, through deduction one should you be able to tell what needs to be added and/or taken away so that nothing is missing?

I think that makes sense.
Originally posted by lugnut#6
isn't it required that you have a license to do fert application for money?
I think that varies from state to state, but don't know of any state that doesn't require a license for pesticide application.

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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