Whats a good enclosed trailer make, and what features should I look for ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shorelinelawn, Mar 12, 2001.

  1. shorelinelawn

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    I am looking to purchase an enclosed trailer for my buiseness. What features should I look for ?
    What is the benefit ( if any ) of torsion bar vs, leaf spring ?
    I feel a single axle , 6 x 12 should be sufficient for my 2 walk-behinds, a push mower, and an aerator.
    HELP !!!!!!
  2. Eric ELM

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    I have a Haulmark that I have been satisfied with. It has leaf springs and so does my open trailer. I have never owned the other type. Make sure you get it big enough for future growth. I out grew a 12' in no time.
  3. beck

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    I am not sure that the 6X12 will be large enough.

    Most walk behinds are 7 foot from front to back, so they will not be able to be turned sideways on the trailer. They are usually around 12 ft. when loaded one right behind the other.

    I have a 7X16 Haulmark. It is a well built trailer. I should know mine held up to being rear-ended by a semi. (had one hole in the aluminum, one bent handle bar and a dented corner thats all)

    I got the "Kodiak Landscape Series" I have room for my two 36s side by side and room for a ztr in back(once i get one)
    also with room for a 21inch and walk behind edger. It has shelves in front for gas cans, hedge trimmer, chain saw etc.

    I have even looked into an 8X18 because i considered buying a 72 inch mower. the 8X18 takes the walls to the outside of the wheels where as the 7 ft the wheels are on the outside of the trailer. The width between the wheels are the same though. the 8 ft model has a wider doorway. They are more difficult to see around.

  4. captdevo

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    I have 2 - 24 foot United Expressline trailers with 10k capacity and they are work horses. I have loaded them well over capacity and they have held up fine.

    Also have 2 - 18 foot Haulmarks which are excellent trailers.

    I have owned wells cargo before which were nice but pricey.

    stay away from doolittle, i had an 18 foot that was a peice of $&!t, the flooring came loose, the ramp door bowwed, and the whole body would sway. I bought it new in 1998 and sold it the same year.

    I have torsion and spring types, they both are fine, the torsion type sit a little lower.

    Look into an 18 foot, 12 foot gets real small when you get everything loaded in it, and dual axles will tow and brake alot nicer when loaded.
  5. Scotty

    Scotty LawnSite Member
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    After 17 years of using an open trailer, last year I purchased a 8' x 20' Wells Cargo enclosed trailer. The trailer pulls great and I think it is built and finished nicer than some other brands. I had the tongue extended to 5' so I could mount my leaf loader on the tongue for clean ups. I'm very happy with the enclosed trailer.

  6. KirbysLawn

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    Don't see how you are going to fit all that plus your trimmers, blower, & fuel tanks and still be able to close the doors! I out grew a 6x12 quickly, look at Haulmark or Wells Cargo, both national companies with good products.
  7. DaveinVa

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    I just took delivery of 2 new Wells Cargo trailers this week. I think in all I looked at 6 brands of trailers - and hands down the Wells Cargo was the most solid built trailer of any that I found. We had ours built with some add on items that hopefully will make life a bit easier, i.e, - a work bench with shelving units above it - with ample storage for supplies. As well - we ad additional lights installed for good visibility. Assuming you are looking at a trailer with a rear ramp - pay special attention to the type of construction there - again - it's an area where lots of rough treatment will take place - and I feel the Wells Cargo is built pretty tough. If you can get beyond the sticker shock from Wells Cargo and look at the quality I think you'll see for yourself what the differences are.............kinda like cheap lawn care verses quality lawn care heh??
  8. BobR

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    Waiting for delivery of my new Wells Cargo 7X16, got it with overhead cabinets in the front as well as the work bench and of course the LS Package, extra roof vent, extended tongue, ramp extension, atp front corners and aluminum wheels... Will be replacing a 6X12 Car Mate by Penn (nice trailer but small & no brakes) the guy I got it from had it set up for his Harley and I reset it for Lawn Care, biggest problem besides room is the lack of brakes (works great if you are lightly loaded).. What was said about price is true (very pricey) but this will be my last trailer..
  9. SodFather

    SodFather LawnSite Member
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    I use a 7x14 wells cargo enclosed, leaf springs, single axle. This trailer is really well made the only thing I wish I would have gotten would have been tandem axle. So far have not had any problems with it.
  10. RNH

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    Hey folks, just a reminder, I know most of you already know this BUT.. After spending some time at a mowing confrence, I learned that, and believe it or not, that alot of landscapers have unknowingly blown thier trailer up. Gas fumes linger at the bottom of the trailor. There now saying to store your fuel in the back of your truck in platic containors and when fueling take the cans OUT OF THE TRUCK, they say when you fuel you cans in the truck that static electricity can egnite the fuel.

    Also the newer mowers have spark resistors in the exhaust system, the older ones DO NOT, they say that the fumes being low in the trailor, and that when you return from mowing with a hot muffler that as the muffler cools hot air exits thru the top of the mufflers pipe and cool air enters thru the bottom of the muffler pipe causing the gas to egnite. If there isn't a spark resistor in it.

    WOW that was a mouth full. Be Safe...

    I hope to have a enclosed trailor myself someday. But I'll have vents on the bottom sides of the trailor installed and the top also..

    Ron Helsel
    RNH Property Service...

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