What's a Good Price for a Hustler Super Z EFI???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mbeck, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. mbeck

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    A guy I was talking to about buying out his customers is trying to sell me his mower. It is an '07 Hustler Super Z XR7 w/ 28hp kohler efi. He has got the flex forks, 2 sets of blades, running lights, and 15 gal sprayer on back. The unit has 191 hours on it and I consider in good condition. I am thinking of buying it so I get his customers then reselling it. The other option I thought of is IF I decided to buy it is to sell my 52" scag MAYBE. Does that seem like a good idea? He told me he paid over 12k for it new with tax. What is everyones opinion on what I should offer for this or are they not worth buying to resell?
  2. tb8100

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    Call up Gautreaux's and price a new one. I doubt it was 12k unless that included the sprayer and even then I doubt it.
  3. mbeck

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    I'm going to. That is who he said he bought it from. I was just seeing what info I could get before tomorrow.

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