whats a good price for moving fill matieral?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by IMAGE, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. IMAGE

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    Just THINKING about bidding on something. Probally wont bid, but thinking about it if I can line up a couple ppl to come on board.

    Its filling sinkholes from an old underground mining operation. Basically old mines were filled in, and over the yrs the fill settled, and now they need to be refilled.

    There are 4 jobsites:
    ~ 65 yds
    ~ 185 yds
    ~ 1200 yds
    ~ 2050 yds

    All fill material is located on site, not sure the haul distance. Guessing within 1/4 mile. An excavator is required to be onsite. Loader may be used for doing the work, excavator just must be there. (part of some sinkhole standard the state has adopted states it just must BE there) - Could use the ex to load trucks, and the loader to fill the hole after the truck dumps, or vise versa. I also need to grass seed the area upon completion.

    Anyways, they want a price per yard. And a mobilization price.

    I am thinking something like $3000 to show up. (the mobilization price is per jobsite also, so 12k total mobilization)

    I am thinking about $27-35/yd.

    I would be paying 2-3 rental trucks by the hour on the 2 larger sites for sure. on the smaller sites just 1 rental truck.

    I am estimating this job at just under 100k total. Remember its State work, and spread over 4 jobsites. I dont expect many bidders on this job.

    What do some of you excavation guys think? Thanks!
  2. IMAGE

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    from midwest
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    Oh I forgot to mention, the loader would be rented also. I will find out rental prices tomarrow, but am pretty sure I can get a 544 for about 5k/month. Will probally hire out a excavator, will find prices on that tomarrow to.

    Just wanted to see if you guys think about $30/yd would be ballpark for this work.

  3. Junior M

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    Why not dump the dirt in the hole and use a dozer to spread it?
  4. YardPro

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    tomorrow, not tomArrow...

    $3K mobilization seems SUPER high.....but what do i know....
  5. RockSet N' Grade

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    Image......if you get that one, you just hit a home run OR give me the site info/number and we will mob. there and do the work.
  6. stuvecorp

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    Sounds good to me, if Rock can't I could. In my experience it is surprising who comes out of the woodwork to bid on stuff. Your estimate seems kinda high even for government work but if you can get it, why not.
  7. stxkyboy

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    Way to high
  8. IMAGE

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    ok guys, how high am I then? What is this job worth to your company? There are alot of little things in the contract that make the price go up a bit, like only working m-f, scheduling it with state so they can be present, showing proof of equal rights/ minority employment, lots of paperwork involved. Work wont start until mid Oct, and must be complete before freeze up. Its a 34 page solicitation:hammerhead:

    It's one of those things I dont want unless its great profit, because it's all new to me, and if I underestimate a cost somewhere I want to make sure its STILL profitable and worth the headache.
  9. CAT powered

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    I agree with junior. Have your mandatory excavator loading trucks and get a decent dozer to spread the material. You'll get a nicer finish and be more productive.

    I'm thinking something like a D6 or a 750 Deere for size. That should blade off loads pretty quickly.
  10. CAT powered

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    Forgot to add.

    I've spread 50,000 yards, no that is not a typo 50,000, yards of material in under a month with a 750J Deere dozer and 3 dozen trucks or so.

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