What's a good push spreader?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Sunset LC, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Sunset LC

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    Need a good push spreader and not sure what kind to get. Havent been in lawn care long enough to know whats good and what isn't.I've seen you can pay from 100 to 600. I know you get what you pay for ,but if I can buy a 250 to 300 $ spreader,than I would rather not spend a lot more for something that isn't that much better. I would appreciate any input ya'll would have.
  2. JBNC

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    I would plan on spending at least $300 if you want something that will last. Any commercial 80# spreader will be a good bet. I haven't heard to many bad reviews on a certain brand, I think it just boils down to personal preference. Look at Earthway, Lesco, Spyker, Shindaiwa
  3. Sunset LC

    Sunset LC LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, I appreciate that.
  4. EARTH5

    EARTH5 LawnSite Member
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    just got a prizelawn and works great
  5. mkarps

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    How is the throw pattern on the prizelawn? I am looking at picking one up. I LOVE the Scotts/Andersons s2000 ones. Cheapest I can find is 450 on ebay. The way they work with the 3 holes, Cone for adjusting fall on paddle, and the curved propeller are huge I believe.

    However I can get a Prizelawn c IV I believe, for about 275....70 lbs hopper, powder coat, only has the one whole long whole, and straight propeller. Just wondering if anyone has used this and also the Scotts/andersons and has a preference or opinion.
  6. RigglePLC

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    /Prizelawns are probably built in the same factory as Scotts/Andersons. However, powder coated is not stainless steel--fert is corrosive--you need stainless steel.

    I am thinking--if you have to lift it--forget about the 70 pound hopper--the spreader itself weighs 42 pounds. You are pushing too much weight. Go for the Earthway stainless that holds 50 pounds. You seldom need to add more than one bag at a time. Easy push and easy to load. Inexpensive.

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  7. Exact Rototilling

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    That is the unit I bought last year except for the stainless steel was difficult to find so I settled for the NON stainless steel version.

    I know the OP said push spreader but in all honesty [if your back can handle the load] I prefer the earthway 3100 monkey grinder spreader. Cost is under $130 and it more versatile and something worth having IMO.
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  8. limaint

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    from NY NY
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    Check out the Earthway's
  9. T&Tlawncare

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    I have a 100# earth way. Love it. Cost me with the cover.
  10. WenzelOSLLC

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    The Anderson's SR-2000 spreader works well. It's what we use on our MLB field. The boss only uses the best.

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