What's a Gravely 5660?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DBM, Sep 16, 2001.

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    I've come across a local ad for what's described as a "Gravely 5660 HD walk-behind with cab pieces and sulky". Does anyone know anything about this model? I've left a message on the person's answering machine but I was wondering if anyone out there has owned one of these machines. Also wondering what you think about them.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. GLM

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    I am wondering if that is a typo and they have a 5665 I can't find any referance in my manuals to a 5660 . they did make a whole series of 5000's each with the number getting high that the next. I have a 5665 that is an 83' and has the Kohler K301 12hp on it and its the best. The new ones have the subaru engine on them for emmisions resons and they have no torque at all and are really gut less. My machine will take down one inch trees and brush with out ever slowing up. I also have a four foot plow and snow blower for it. It is the most powerful snow blower you will ever use. The old kohler has the torque of a diesel and is unbelievable. They are good machines, expensive but good. Mine was around $1200 (really used hard)with brush mower and plow and the engine needs rings but it still runs like a charm.
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    i've seen an older one like that on ebay, i'll see if i can find it
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    Thanks for the info. Ain't she pretty!?

  7. Too bad you wont come to the midwest BBQ Gravely will be bringing their latest/newest products.

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    I have an old gravely like that it is a 71 model. Has a 12 horse kohler it push over trees up to 2 inches thick and grind them up. It is not fast at all but it will pull the world in two. It idles so slow you can listen to each stroke of the piston. It is basically a brush mower but it does a pretty good job.

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