Whats a PTO???

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CelticGreens, Mar 22, 2005.

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    Alright guys, dont yell at me if this is a stupid questions, but i have no clue. i just bought a dump, and i have no clue what a PTO is, what it does, or how to engage it. I tried to research it but came up short. I know it stands for POWER TURN OFF. Thats all i know. Shed some light on a brotha. thanks
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    P ower
    T ake
    O ff

    Give us more info on the kind of dump you bought and hopefully someone can tell you how to use it. Or, you might try asking the guy you bought it from how it works.
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    personal time off
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    Power take off
    Should be a knob, put the truck in netrual, push in the clutch, pull the knob out, release the clutch and the body should raise. It is a smaller gear box that runs of your tranny that has a driveshaft that goes to a hydraulic pump and the pump fluid will raise the hydraulic cylinder under the bed of the truck. also there should be another lever to control the height of the dump plus it acts as a bypass to let the body down when finished
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    If its an auto tranny, you usually put it in drive with the brake set and then pull the PTO to engage. Put the shifter back in neutral and probably pull a lever to hoist.
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    Its probably not an automatic transmission if its got a PTO (Power Take Off) although some PTOs do come off of the transfer case and not the transmission.
    Its a smaller gear box bolted to the side of the tranny. You must push the clutch in to engage it just like a would engage one of your transmissions forward or reverse gears. The PTO gear box turns a hydraulic pump. Anytime the PTO is engaged, the hydraulic pump is pumping fluid. You will have a second knob that activates hydraulic valves to direct fluid to either side of your hydraulic cylinder which raises and lowers the bed.
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    The ones i've used only have a single knob. It's usually a red knob on a lever that you push in and pull out.

    Put truck in nutral, push in clutch, pull out red knob lever and slowly release the clutch. The farther you pull out the lever the faster the bed raises.
    To let the bed back down you simply push the lever back in. The farther you push the lever in the faster the bed comes down.
    When the lever is in the center position the bed is suspended at that height.

    The concept is the same as a lift-jack, fluid into a cylinder to raise, fluid out of the cylinder to lower.

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