Whats a used 10Hp Billy Goat Leaf blower worth?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by keuka, Feb 27, 2011.

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    I've got a line on a 2007 10hp billy goat walk behind blower. It's got a Brigs engine and the guy claims he used it only once a season. He's asking $600 and said he paid $1200 for it new in 2007. When I asked why he was selling it he said he's moving. Anyone got an idea what it might be worth? the guy emailed me and said make an offer. I don't want to take advantage but I'd like some idea what's a reasonable price.

    I'm spending way too much time blowing and picking up leaves each fall. I was thinking of getting a walk behind blower or a vacuum system on my JD garden tractor. I've been leaning toward a walk behind blower.

    I've been using a Stihl hand held blower, JD mower and a tarp. I've got about 3 acres of lawn with oak trees and lots of acorns. I must have spent 60 hrs this last fall and I've got to come up with a faster system. I ran into this used Billy Goat and it's got me thinking.

    A long time back I used an old beat up Homelite walk behind blower and I wasn't real impressed. It didn't have a directional shoot and I think it was like 6 to 8 hp or something. Anyway, any opinions on a Billy Goat?

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