What's a Z Trimmer? Watch It In Action

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements' started by PecoVacs, Sep 20, 2010.

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  2. RayLJ1104

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    Can this unit be installed on a W/B if it has a dedicated battery, or will it draw too much power without a charging system. Also, will the handle still be operable?
  3. PecoVacs

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    The Z Ttrimmer can be mounted on any surface that would accomodate the mounting plate. It is designed to be connected directly to your battery, but we can't speak for the capabilities of the charging systems on walk behind mowers. A good rule of thumb when you are not sure about your battery life is to trim in short sections. Another words, trim around a tree, shut it off, drive to the next tree, turn it on. It is not designed to run continuously. Trim what you have to trim, then shut it off. The Z Trimmer does have a breaker switch in the handle and a load meter on the frame. You can watch the meter to make sure you don't overload the motor. The breaker trips if overloaded and you will just have to turn the switch back on to restart.
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    Are you guys out of Arden, NC ???
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    It might be handy along a long fence line. However, I can trim a lot faster by hand ,than they are trimming in that video. Also, the operator will have to stop pretty often to replace trimmer line, as it is not "tap and go" as far as I can tell.
    Nice gimick, but not practical in most applications.
    In what applications do you, the manufacturer, see this as being an advantage over a man on foot, trimming with a typical string trimmer?
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    You know I was thinking the same thing. However, I have a couple of accounts that have hundreds of feet of fence lines. Thats were I was thinking it would be nice...although when I went to the site, the manual said it should be used at 1 mph!!! Whats up with that?

    If for some reason I misread or if this number is misleading I would like to know.
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    Yes, Mike, we are in Arden.
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    The Z Trimmer is not designed to replace a typical hand held trimmer or edger. Nor, is it designed to trim at mowing speed. It is an accessory that was designed to save some time while on the job. It works great in cemeteries, parks, fence lines, etc. Leave the blades of the mower on and trim while you mow. Just as most LCO's don't have one tool on their trailer to do the whole job, this is a tool that works great for many businesses.

    Depending on the conditions and density of the grass to be trimmed, the Z Trimmer can operate at a faster ground speed.

    Changing the line is simple. While on the seat of the mower, lift the handle to return the Z Trimmer to transport position (MAKE SURE THE Z TRIMMER IS TURNED OFF). Pull the spent line out of the fixed head and replace with the line that is supplied with the Z Trimmer or use your own(.105). Return the Z Trimmer to trim position and continue. You can do this in a minute or less.
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    pretty neat contraption really, but is it adjustable for different heights?
  10. PecoVacs

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    Yes. It is fully adjustable.

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