what's alot of hours on a machine??


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their like trucks, 200,000 is alot of miles well my question is how many hours on mowing equipment is alot. I'm looking into getting a used commercial grade mower and don't want to by a worn out piece of poop. thanx in advance.


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I have always been told, 1000 hours=40,000 miles. YMMV<p>Bill

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I find that 1300-2000 hrs is when most companys trade their equipment in.Now if it was a $70000 winged wide area mower that would change.But I find that most ztr's are 1300-2000.Then agian smaller mowers like Walk-Behinds could have even more hrs before trade in becouse they are simple to repair and if the engine dies just slap an other one on.Other wise known as a Lawernce Stone Special!:)Also keep in mind that if it has been traded in to your dealer by an other company it will most likely be costing more a year in repair bills than it would to own a new one.Think of it would you trade in a mower that has only lived out half of its potential life???????I use to buy used I now will no longer buy used becouse I have wasted alot of time and money repairing used equipment.If you are starting out in this business used somtimes is the only route to go.I find equipment is best bought new it hold its value very well.Where as when you buy a new truck or car you lose 1/3 of the value as soon as you drive it off the lot.Hope this helps you out!<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
I have had only one breakdown all year with my belt drive Toros. Just one nine dollar transmission output shaft coupler.<p>But I spent lots of time in the off season<br>getting those machines into bristol conditon.<br>Spare equipment can remove a lot of stress for a mowing contractor. Lots of equipment stress due to high growth up North this year.<p>Any solo contractor should have two or three<br>good front line mowers or you will be a hostage to a power equipment dealer.<br>


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I have just hit 1000 hrs on my Dixie Chopper. I consider it to be just a baby. Looking forward to 2000 more before putting on a new Kohler &quot;Aegis&quot; engine, then putting 3000 more hours on it. <p>----------<br>When the mowing gets tough, sharpen your damn blades!<br>


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My Grasshopper has about 2700 hours on it, and runs and looks pretty good. It all depends who had it and how they took care of it.


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In northern climates, we will put about 800 hours on a machine in a given year. <p>We run our 21 inch Toro commercials 2 years.<p>We will run a mid mower until it drops and then replace motor, bearings etc. We should get 10 years.<p>We run a Walker about 2300 hours then rebuild the engine.Cost it out over 4 years<p>We run small 2 cycle equipment 2 years.<p>

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