What's best, better, broad leaf, cold weather, this, that or?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sedge, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I have done a lot of reading and searching. Thank you to all you who have posted, but now I have another question :confused:, lol,lol.

    What is better on Bermuda for effectiveness over all?

    2,4-D ester with Banvel? This is cheaper for sure. About $0.40 per m2. We don't have the inversion problem here too often, as we almost always have a breeze.


    Trimec 922 with Quick Silver?

    Or is another product better? I have run the costs on speed zone, cool power, momentum fx2 and it is upwards of $0.60 per m2.

    I am pretty sure that in warmer weather the regular Trimec will suffice again, but right now still it doesn't work very well. It has been so cool here compared to normal. I am having to do more spot spraying to clear up what was sprayed earlier :cry:

    Thank you all again :waving:
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    My money is on 2,4-D ester + Banvel. In my location amines do not cut it because most of the weeds have waxy leaves that are hardened not by cold, but from heat and humidity. You will not need Quicksilver, but if you do it that is like a poor man's Speedzone. On lawns without any tree or shrub roots in the turf area, Banvel is best used at 1/2 lb per acre. If you must spray in a lawn with trees, no more than 1/4 lb per acre and not at all if the soil is sandy or loamy. I usually try to clean up a lawn before June here. Bermuda here does not take Threeway very well in hot weather anyway, so it is best for me to hit weeds hard while the grass can tolerate the 2,4-D

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