Whats best to fertilize holly

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by kirk1701, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Hey guys
    I have a fence row of holly and been using triple 10 around the base in the fall and again early spring. Soaker hose around them all summer and they grew really well this year I mean better this year then in the last 6 years due to keeping them watered. I mean watered, 4 hours a week with soaker hose.

    Is there anything better I can use then triple 10 to make there puppies take off? I want to change the height to 6 feet and they aren't that far away from that now, some just 18" but others need a good 4 foot of growth.
  2. If you are trying to get them to grow faster, something with more N, but I have never fertilized hollies in my area as they just don't need it.
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    We use triple fourteen.
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    Is there a way to stop a holly from growing? Share your secret Kirk!
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    Don't trim on them :laugh:

    Yes I found a couple years back they love to be cut on to promote growth and so I did. That, combined with putting in the landscaping down the fence row boy they took off that year.

    Now something else I noticed.
    Someone on here told me I'd be sorry putting down the landscaping paper :rolleyes:
    I started cutting it out yesterday as I go down the row fertilizing; the triple 10 I put down in february, still there? Soil underneath the landscaping paper was DRY even with all the rain we had lately (4+ inches since the hurricane)
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    Landscape paper is the worst...

    One question though...

    "Doesn't Fall N fert, of any kind,,, promote or force untimely green growth that doesn't have time to harden off or winterize, when applied after a certain point near the end of the growing season???

    I'd heard that it is not good to fertilize(esp. evergreens) as Fall approaches,,, and it made sense to me...

    My guess would be the winter nutrient K, being applied this time of year, but you've called my belief system into question... :)
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    No, not for us Smallaxe, I will continue to get growth up till mid December here.

    I fert again in February and start seeing new growth mid March.

    One thing (probably only thing) I do like about Kentucky. I mow 9 months out of the year you shovel snow 9 months :laugh:

    I have a sister still in Pa. where I actually grew up, so I'm always busting her ass about the snow and ice when she gets I'm already mowing and planting the garden :drinkup:

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