what's better clip or quickbooks

Discussion in 'CLIP Software' started by jeff_0, Mar 23, 2003.

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    i wanted to know what one was better...
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    That is a great question and the answer is "Yes".

    The two software packages perform different functions. There is no routing, scheduling or Service-Oriented job costing in QuickBooks. QB is a "Reactive" accounting software that waits for you to enter the information, such as how much you want to charge the client, when the job was done and such. You will still have to keep customer logs and customer cards to keep track of your schedule and charges.

    CLIP (particularly qCLIP) is proactive, you enter the jobs and schedules for the customer and qCLIP will print the route sheets, keep track of what you charge and how you charge, and keep track of the time you spend on the property.

    qCLIP takes this routing information, prints route sheets, keeps track of all of the customer details and helps your crew be more efficient through optimizing the routing.

    Once this information is collected back into qCLIP, the invoices are generated in QuickBooks, allowing you to bill from there.

    So, as you can see, it really isn't an "either/or" since the two pieces of software work togather to give you a more efficient and controlled business.

    To see a document with more information on this:

    Hope this helps....
    Dave Tucker

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