What's everyone charging for shrub trimming?


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Have a bid for about 350 shrubs to be trimmed and cleaned up. I can dump them into local dumpsters. What would you guys charge?


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I'd charge about $50 per hour. I'd have to see the size of each, and see how many I could do in an hour, and charge accordingly. Just guessing I could do 10 in an hour, that'd come out to be $1750, which seems awfully high, but without seeing them, it's hard to estimate. Maybe describe size, proximity to each other, and estimate about how long it would take to do 1, or 10 etc.


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waterbury, ct
5 bucks a bush. it equals 1750 same as the 50 an hour. What i do is 5 a bush for smaller jobs, on a large job that is gonna take me all day at one site I knock off 10-15 percent.


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Keep in mind that trimming is the easy part, cleanup is the real work.

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