Whats everyone doing for July 4th

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I plan like every year to take off. I'll do my jobs the day before. I was going to go on a boat to watch the fire works from the Hudson river in New York but its booked up.<br>I might just watch them from the on land in New York. What does everyone else plan to do?<br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance


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Seeing as how it's on a Tuesday, I'll probably work. I hate when a holiday comes in the middle of the week... <p>Maybe I'll take off Monday instead, or just knock off early. I guess it really depends on whether the wife has it off or not.<p>I'll get back to ya... :)<p>-TGC


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I always take off the fourth and go to the lake. Then to see the fireworks if they have them this year. If it wasnt for this drought I would be at the beach at that time
Since the fourth is on a Tuesday, and the first comes on a Saturday, Going to go up northern California coast and camp out on the Humboldt Bay. Decided to do some ocean fishing and take a 4-day rest period. It sucks sometimes working a 7-day a week schedule. Happy 4th to everybody.<br>Jean<br><p>----------<br>J-LC Landscaping & Maintenance Gardening<br>C-27 Ca Contr# 770044


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The only way anyone would mow a residential around here on the 4th (and a couple other select holidays) is if they no longer wanted that account.<p>If you have to mow on holidays/sundays/etc you really have some scheduling issues to deal with. Take a day off, or God or someone will hand you one, most likely one not of your choosing.<p>Bill


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Take the day off and spend it with my wife and girls. <br>Then on the 5th I will have to dodge unexploded artillery all over the yards.<br>I wonder what would happen if I did suck up a live one? <br>Happy and Safe 4th to all.


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Toroguy has got the right idea... :)<p>Bill, I have to agree with you about mowing residentials on a holiday. I haven't asked around about whether folks are working or taking off. A lot of folks will move their holiday closer to the weekend, if possible. I'll definitely ask about the trend this year before deciding whether I work the day or not. Might have to take it off by default...<p>-TGC

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