Whats everyone doing now?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Jan 9, 2014.

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    Now You're talkin! Provided your kid has an interest in racing, going to the qualifier is the easy part! And even finishing to advance to the regional isn't too difficult.

    The difficult part is making it through the regional and onto Loretta's :)

    We haven't been very concerned with going to Loretta's. We're going to be training hard as soon as the freakin weather will allow and see what happens. And if by chance he does make it through the qualifier - we're not going to chase every regional trying to make it. I think my kid will have a better shot in another year or two.
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    I hope my kid will want to at least ride, I started riding at 5 and racing at 7. I wont push them to do anything they don't want to do but its a great family sport. I've been to Lorettas many times, when I was younger...Wish I had more time to ride myself, I said I was going to try to qualify for +25 and then for +30 and now hope my kid will, crazy how time flies and things change so fast!

    What district are you going to for your area qualifier? Even if your kid doesn't make it he's still young, not many kids at that age are real fast. If he sticks with it he will start to get fast around 16. If you're ever at a race near Ohio send me a message and I will tell you where the good practice tracks are, I still ride the old 2-smoker but haven't raced for about 7 years.
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    We do the qualifier in WV, which is close to where we live. Actually.....my son isn't the fastest, but he certainly isn't slow :) We constantly train and train and train, and he works with a trainer. Haha - I just bought him a portable starting gate for practicing starts! Often times I'll pick him up at school around 12:30 or 1 and we'll go to the track.

    As you're probably well aware the sport takes a boat load of time and dedication. On race weekends we leave on Friday and return Sunday night, so 3 days. You'll have to make some changes to how you configure your business. We love it and have made great friends all over the Middle Atlantic region.

    I actually have a source for tracks in OH. My buddy in OH with the hacked retaining wall does our suspensions. So there's a probability we may have to make a trip your way to get things dialed in.
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    Who does your suspension? I used to have PR2 in P.A do mine when I raced but since I'm not as fast as I once was I just use the local ProAction guy. I think your your buddy is close to me but cant remember what city you told me. If you ever looking for a new suspension company I would try PR2! You ever go to Budds? I used to love that track. If your ever near Columbus Ohio go to Briarcliff, Its a great track. They are having an ATV national this year and are doing some big upgrades so it should be even better.
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    I did a lot of training with my son over the last 10 or so years. I supported his racing career until he could drive and since then it's been up to him. The sport takes so much out of you mentally, physically, and monetarily, and I wasn't even the one racing. It was a fun time but it got to the point where he realized it wasn't going anywhere and we toned it back for the last year or so. Now he does a lot of the races around here and I'm cruise the trails whenever possible. Hope your son makes it farther than my son, and I hope you never have to see the look on his face when either you or someone else tells him he's all done. One of the worst days of my life. Good luck to him qualifying though! Been there a few times and it was very stressful.
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    And that brings up another point, I think many people (more so the parents) involved in the sport both think and have aspirations of making it big. And I gotta say that has never been my mindset. We haven't switched to home schooling (yet)! And I feel those that have such a mindset (many of them friends of ours) are setting themselves up for disappointment. We're just taking it season by season.

    So many kids with nothing to do, no hobbies, no role in life, out on weekends and their parents have no idea where they're at and what they're doing. This is a sport that gives the kids a purpose and keeps them out of trouble and we parents KNOW where our kids are on Friday and Saturday nights. HaHa - The kids are usually watching us parents sit around a camp fire making fools of ourselves!

    And yep - the amount of time and effort the sport takes has caught up to me. This past November I caught myself constantly barking at my employees!

    And Scag - yep, we do ride at Budds.

    Getting back on subject - I did go look at a real nice hardscape job yesterday. A job that I'm actually interested in and hope to get. ALL brick home, which was no shack by any means. And the lead came from, of all places.......my CRAIGSLIST ad!

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    This is what I am doing now and for much of January / Early Feb.


    00 Best Palms Palm Tree Trees Photo - Watermarked.jpg

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    Trying to get back in the hardscape groove. I got really burnt out on the trade and kind of took a break from this business. This is the first time back on the site in almost a year I believe. I still worked but I just took on smaller more profitable jobs. What a new concept. lol! I finished building my car and my son and I did a lot of drag racing this season. We had a blast but the problem is now I have the racing bug again. So with that being said I need to hit it hard again and step up the game and hope for a good 2014.
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    Looks good Jim.........where is it? Our favorite place is Manzanillo Mexico. Hope you have a great holiday.
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    i have a few business properties to maintain, but its been slow for me. I did a separate post called Maintenance reminder, and posted a list of all the repairs and preventative maintenance I need to get done. Over the next month or so, hope to hit that list pretty hard and get it knocked down so the equipment is ready to run when the weeds start growing again.

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