whats everyone doing with all this rain?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by FBL Services, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. FBL Services

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    I try my hardest not to cut in the rain for the obvious reasons of it just making a mess and taking forever, but the past month has had like 2 or 3 days of heavy rain a week and with 70 regular lawn maintenance accounts and other mulch and planting jobs lined up I feel like I have no other option other then cutting when its wet out. I bill per cut and If I skip a week I miss out on that billing at the end of the month, not to mention if I skip, and then we get more rain the following week the grass is not only super tall but its raining. How is everyone else dealing with this? I have just been just getting out there every chance I get and knocking off as many off the list as I can between showers and storms.
  2. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I've been cutting in the rain. I have rain gear so it doesn't bother me as much. I know its makes a mess but we got to get them mowed you know. Can do anything about it but suck it up and plug away.
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  3. DoubleClutch

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    I will be cutting in the rain tomorrow. They are calling for 30 percent chance so I will be out! Today was a wash it rain heavy a few times so now I am behind. Just got to do what you got to do!!
  4. 32vld

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    Schedule four, ten hour day's of mowing. Monday through Thursday Friday is for make up. Things get that bad then you still have Saturday for make up.

    Scheduling is not rocket science.

    Have more work then your crew can handle. Start a second crew. Better then paying over time. Not paying over time you are breaking the law.
  5. LawnGuy110

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    We cut in the rain almost all day today. We all have rain gear so we don't care
  6. gcbailey

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    late hours and Saturdays.... We are usually 8-5 during the day. Today we were 12-2, and 4-8. We put in 8 hours this past Saturday. We are normally a 5 day a week shop, but if you've got contracts, sometimes you gotta put extra in.
  7. jsslawncare

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    I use to worry about it work all kind of hours, Now I could care less. I pick up where I left off and I don't even worry about. If you can't wait on me then get someone else to cut it!
  8. 911 Home Care

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    I wish I could cut in the rain. Here, in the lowcountry of SC, about 40-60% my yards would rut and look horrible if I cut them in, or immediately after the rain. My scheduling is suffering considerably, but I got a lot of my work done over the last few dry days before the rain started back up.

    Do any of you pros have any advice for saturated ground in the lowcountry (other than push mowing or driving carefully of course)?
  9. daniel1132

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    We've been cutting in the rain. Last week it rained every single day. Having Friday and/or Saturday free wouldn't have helped, it rained those days too! Basically, if it wasn't downpouring we were mowing. They don't look great, but at least they get cut, and we just explain that next week, when it's dry (hopefully!) it will look much nicer. Most people are very understanding. A few like to complain.

    We had a low-laying area near a creek that was saturated. After 5 days of rain there was standing water. We skipped it for the week, and came back. It was super tall, but after cutting once, then going over it with the bagger at 1/2" higher deck setting, it looked awesome.

    Blowing clippings off the sidewalks can be fun - more like blowing 2" deep puddles with some clippings floating in them, lol.

    I had one customer call me - it had been sprinkling and then it downpoured halfway through his lawn. He's a cool guy, but he sounded almost upset "you didn't have to cut my lawn in that rain!! you could come back some other time if you want to!!" Hey buddy, it's what we do, just trying to keep up.

  10. JB1

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    Before you worry about the rain you have to get it first and we are in a pocket of not getting it.

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