whats everyone doing with all this rain?

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  1. Cheffy

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    We have been mowing seven days a week since april 25 . Some days you get wet .Some days you quit for an hour or two . 25 % of my properties have needed to be cut twice a week. An awesome year so far. After last year you wont catch me cussing the rain.
  2. GRPM LLC.

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    I never cut in the rain. My schedule is such that I don't need to mow when its raining. Its not worth the hassle and extra work, all at the same time making the customers property look like sh*t. I have plenty of maintenance, errands, or work around the shop to do anyway, I'll wait for a dry day. Everyone's situation is different, some crews simply have to keep cutting, others can work around bad weather, as best they can. The soils in my area are all sand, so they can rut pretty easily after heavy rain, another reason to let them dry out before running a 1,500 lb. mower over them.
  3. Toro 455

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    I keep it mowed. Some days it rains. Mowing wet it looks bad for a week. Let it get too tall and it looks bad all spring. Clippings everywhere. Plus it's twice the work at half of the pay.

    Summer rain's easy. When it rains when the temps are in the 30 or 40's it's harder. I keep gore tex rain gear in the truck. Along with rubber boots & gloves for when it's really cold.

    I only stop for lightning. And it'll usually blow thru in an hour or so.

    Some points about mowing in the rain:

    The lawn will look better (overall) if you keep up with the growth.

    It will look better mowing in the pouring rain than a light rain. The rain washes out the clumps and muddy tracks.

    Lower tire pressures to minimum.

    Clean the decks more often and paint the under side with used motor oil.

    Mash out any ruts with your feet the day you make them. Or they'll be there all summer. That'll teach you to dodge the really soft spots too.

    Guess who started the old-wives-tale to not mow in the rain. It was the world's largest mower manufacturer back in the 60's. They were making really cheesy mowers with decks about 1 inch deep! They couldn't mow in anything but ideal conditions. So instead of improving their mower they printed in the manual, "Don't mow in the rain." I won't mention them by name, but their initials are MTD.

    Nobody states that any more but the myth lives on.
  4. blk90s13

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    I worked late Saturday and a couple of hours Sunday to make up some of the lost time for the rain, I refuse to cut in the rain
  5. DoubleClutch

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    Nope cutting in the rain!!
  6. DoubleClutch

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    I ment No i don't cut in the rain.
  7. yardguy29

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    you must be in a pocket all by yourself then cause most of IN has seen at least one day a week of good quality rain.

    my yards are doing the best they have been in a few years. this rain and weather has been great for my business. nice lush, thick, green grass. just about the right amount of rain as well.

    I just work when it's not raining and pick up where I left off after it stops raining. my accounts are charged accordingly so any extra work because its a little wet or long doesn't affect me.
  8. Toro 455

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    I've actually scheduled mowing on a forecasted rain day this year so I could have nice weather when I'm off. My hobbies are bicycling & kayaking. Both are more fun when it's not raining.

    My 2 ton mower don't rut the lawns. But it has big fat tires carrying 15-20 PSI. That's how you figure the ground pressure of your mower. 15 PSI is less than a man walking.
  9. MJB

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    2 ton mower:hammerhead: what kind of mower are you talking about?
  10. caseysmowing

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    Stay behind!! Playing catch up all the time. I might be mowing solid half way threw July even if we don't get any more rain. We've had only 6 days in a row without rain since the start of the season. There is water standing for day around here. I'm going on vacation this coming week and now I'm down to three days left with 21 yards to do along with overtime at the day job. Don't even get me started on landscaping.
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