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Whats everyone else like???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GREEN-UP, May 28, 2008.


    GREEN-UP LawnSite Member
    from sw ohio
    Messages: 97

    Ok, well we are at the middle point, and all ours yards are looking great. After last years chinchbug and grub damage, I cant sell a treatment to save my life. I understand times are tough, but when you look 2 yards down and its all dirt from bug damage wouldnt that make you spend for a treatment?? Also, how many others out there our getting killed by NO PAYERS. I have never seen it this bad when I have people gripn,but still not payed and want another treatment. Sorry, those days are gone and contracts in our buz suck n dont hold. I like everyone else dont have time or $$to chase them down,so I just stop doing there service. When they call I tell them the service agreement was interupted due to sec.2 in the contract on payments,and know it becomes a service call. What do you all think? We all have to bend to get,but for how far??
  2. ted putnam

    ted putnam LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,716

    I have a handful of chronically late payers. I can depend on this handful to eventually pay. For the rest, I send out past due notices and if I get no response, they get no further treatments. If they've got the balls to call me for a service call or another treatment without payment, I've got the balls to tell them I take care of lawns for a living...not for a hobby, not for fun and certainly not for free! I've let a few go that never called me back. I'm sure they went with someone else and that's fine. I'm better off with them being someone else's headache. That's how I handle no payers! My checking account thanks me every month.
  3. tlg

    tlg LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 651

    The worst part of this business is trying to collect on dead beats. Last year we had a least a dozen that we never got paid on. Of course we canceled all of them. They were all chronic late payers anyway. We will usually do customers next service with a balance if it's under 100 bucks. Never more than 2 app's though. Statements go out 2 weeks after date of service if no payment. We annually have about 60 to 70% prepays from our customers which really reduces the time and money spent trying to collect past due accounts. This year does seem to be slower than usual for payments. Bad economy I guess. $4.00 a gallon gas = less money for everybody.

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