What's everyone using to contrl weeds in St. Augustine here in Florida?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by abrightday, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Ric

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    Calisto and Tenacity are about the same Agency price per Gallon $ 725. That is actual is down a little from Last year. The 8 oz Tenacity story a current thread in Pesticide forum, I can not confirm through my suppliers who are also a repackaging plant with establishment numbers.

    Celsius was a real hyped bust IMHO. But I am hearing great thing about Tenacity. Two factors have kept me from purchasing it. First the label which only lists Sod Farms Golf Course Etc. And most importantly the $ 725.00 plus Tax.
  2. abrightday

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    So Ric, what are you using on St. Augustine lawns for weed control, we're all on the edge of our chairs,, inquiring minds just want to know,, Thanks for you input.
  3. gregory

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    good luck abright. some things ric wont tell you. he's paid his dues and he's going to keep that to him self. like killing bermuda in SA. i use artazine, dismiss, certainty, manor, quicksilver, depends on the time of the year.
  4. tallrick

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    My opinion is that st augustine is the crabgrass of Florida. Not as ugly as bahia, but close.
  5. Patriot Services

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    And what is your grass of choice?
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  6. tallrick

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    Zoysia or bermuda. Centipede is OK but still better looking than st augustine.
  7. Patriot Services

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    Same here.
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  8. Tri-City Outdoors

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    I know I may be banished for life but........

    Has anyone seen a properly installed and maintain Bahia lawn. Personally Bermuda is my top choice.

    Zoysia or Centipede is also great. I dislike st. augustine. However st. augustine installs & maintenance is my bread & butter!
  9. Patriot Services

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    Yea my next door neighbor. I told him he would be sorry with Bahia, he said bah! Grass is grass and half the price. Good install, then he hacked it to 1", starved it of water and wondered why it died in the shade. Says my lawn infected his and killed it. I said bah! We don't speak now.
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  10. tallrick

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    I have helped friends establish a zoysia lawn only to have neighbors complain it invaded and ruined theirs. There is no way a home lawn of bahia can look good, but on large properties bahia can look presentable if watered and not mowed too often. The seed heads are the big problem. Personally I find sod expensive and unnecessary. When I do my own yard I spent weeks tilling, sifting and leveling the yard after adding minerals, compost and soil. All the turf that is for show or used in sports events is not st augustine. Ever saw a football field, soccer field or golf course planted with st augustine? The reason it is so popular is that it will grow with no care. My personal favorite bermuda grass is the wild variety, which seems to thrive with little care as long as it has adequate moisture. Whenever I can get rid of st augustine it is a satisfying moment.

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