What's going on with this tree ?

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  1. Kiril

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    While products such as these have their place, this is not one of them. It is usually best to allow the tree to repair itself.
  2. Think Green

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    A area on a oak tree is usually remnant of hypoholon canker. Most times the barks just shale off after severe infections.
    Kiril is right.................there has not been any proven evidence that tree tars, paints,etc. has been effective against preventing and treating tree wounds. It is used more for aesthetics than anything. A tree will callus around any wounding just as your skin. Oozing and foul smelling sap is just as our skin.......it is done to remove bacterial, foreign matter internally. Either the tree will naturally heal or it will become worse.
  3. Tree Guru

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    Appears to be damage to bark from rough handling during transport and damage from stakes left in place causing ties to cut into the cambium. Maintain proper fertility including application of Mycorrhiza and beneficial bacteria to improve soil and root activity. Expose damaged area of the bark to allow formation of wound wood. Soil test recommended prior to application of nutrients. Monitor for insects and disease and treat as needed.

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