What's Going on with Weathermatic?

Green Sweep

LawnSite Senior Member
Pittsburgh, PA
Hello all,

For the last several years, we have been installing Weathermatic Smartlines w/weather stations for large - higher end residential systems. We are Rain Bird Select contractors and pretty much exclusively use RB products. However, RB doesnt have a smart controller option over 22 zones - which is the majority of systems that we install. For years... they worked well. In the last two years, i have replaced 15 weather stations. WM has played ball - they have sent me new ones and asked that I send them the failing ones. We put three WM decoder systems in this spring (all 40+ zones). I have had to replace the weather station on two of them. Now... I am having issues (sod dying) with one that I already replaced! What the hell? At this point, I am thinking of just installing a rain sensor and removing the weather stations.