What's good for Mowing Extreme Slopes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jmkb72, May 12, 2007.

  1. jmkb72

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    I have a very steeply sloped sound barrier berm to mow for one of my commercial clients. Way too steep for my Hustler Super Z.
    Would a wide walk behind be good? I ended up doing it with a little 22" push mower and had difficulty keeping grip on the slope with my shoes. I seriously think I'll have to wear spikes. I know this sounds a bit outlandish but it really is that steep. Anybody had good experience with a wide low CG walk behind?
  2. Ironic

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    we've got some seriously gnarly slopes to deal with too. we have a Hustler Hillsider for some of our sites, which works well. but I myself have done crazy hills with Exmark Metros. These are mostly in "native" areas though. it just needed to be cut, and it didn't need to be pretty.
  3. Don Woods

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    I run my ExMark Turf Tracer on the steep slopes in 3rd. Holds traction with no problem. I do use cleats for footwear.
  4. bs6477

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    Walk behinds perform very well on slopes as long as you are going up or down hill. Walking horizonally with a walk behind is much more difficult,the front casters want to fall off the hill. If the slope is too extreme for a walk behind Husqvarna makes a push mower that DOES'T have wheels, it hovers on a cushion of air. It is made specifically for extreme slopes, for more details visit huaqvarna.com.
  5. mini14

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    if the slope is too extreme expect to loose oil pressure, and or be dumping fuel out the overflow, extreme slopes are ideal for puny 2 cycle lawnboys.
  6. newz7151

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    We actually have one of these in the shop right now. The guy bought it, it sat in the box for like 6 months in his garage he said and when he took it out and put gas in it, it's just running right by the carb and into the engine everywhere.

    If you have a really steep slope to mow and it doesn't matter too much what it looks like, get you one of these hover type mowers. Tie a good rope onto it that is long enough to reach from the top of the slope to the bottom. Standing at the top of the slope, release the mower and let it work its way down the slope. When it gets to the bottom, move yourself over a little and then pull the mower back up the slope cutting the grass on the way up. Since it floats on air, it will be very easy and effortless to pull it back up the slope with the rope.
  7. palmtree

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    I don't know much about these hovering mowers but I do know a little about physics and if the hill is really steep you can expect to be pulling nearly the entire weight of the mower up the hill. Even though it hovers--it still has mass. The only weight you are saving by hovering it is the small amount of friction that would come from turning the wheels on a regular push mower. Also, it would be much more difficult to push a hovering mower sideways across a hill compared to one with wheels. I suppose up and down would be slightly easier assuming it weighs the same.:drinkup:

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