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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Courtesy, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Courtesy

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    from Texas
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    I am needing help with my logo. I am going from a mow and light shrub trimming company to a full service this year. I want to design a new logo. I would like to design something thats recognizable, but yet professional. The main problem is my company name is Courtesy Lawn Care & Landscaping. Is Lawn Care & Landscaping redundant? I don't know. I've been using it so long it looks ok, but if anyone has some sugguestion I would appreciate them. Offering full maintenance ,natural fertilizers, ponds and landscape lighting.
  2. Courtesy

    Courtesy LawnSite Member
    from Texas
    Messages: 30

    Anyone please.:confused:
  3. lawnman_scott

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    My opinion is that no one will hire you for your name or logo. If your in a large area, like I beleive corpus chisti is, no one will "recognise" it anyway. Just do a good job, thats the main thing.
  4. ronslawncare

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    Everything starts from your name,if your in a large area that gives you more reason to brand yourself so your clients will be able to distinguish you from competitors.Even if you plan on being a small operation i would still brand myself meaning that your name is what will be the source of what someone could expect when they hire your company.Start by putting your name on everything business related that will be potentially seen truck & trailer lettered and logo which you should also brand yourself a color this will also be a way to to stand out from the others.with logo lettered color shirts and hats your truck and business cards your company will have a neat appearance all the time people will project that image on there own property, make sure you put on your flyer's license and insured and show them proof at time of estimate,Be on time and sell them on quality not price.when this is done consistently for years you will be known for a premium service which will get you premium prices.Also though if you don't plan on doing your homework in your business this could back fire on you and you will easily be identified for being a bad company there are plenty of bad brands i can think of.Hope this helps Ronnie
  5. Grn Mtn

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    How many customers do you have now? If you have enough have a contest with them, ask them what you should name your new company. Give the winner a ......something, $$$, gift, season of mowing?

    Who better than to ask those that would be looking for services?
  6. Courtesy

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    from Texas
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    Thanks for all the support. My logo is comming along great. Changed the name of my company. I tried to post it on the site, but couldn't figure out how. If anyone can explain how I would appreciate it. Thanks again.
  7. bushog

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    i have logo idea for you to use , can fax it to ya if you give me a #, thanks.

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