what's included in commercial monthly charge?


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When you bid on a commercial property what do you include in your month price? If they want weekly service do you figure 52 cuts or do you discount for when the turf goes dormant and you can get by with 1 or 2 a month? I'm in the south with little snow. Our turf goes dormant and the leaves quit falling around christmas so it doesn't need cutting for about 2 months or so other than trash pick up.
I would give them a "service frequency." Instead of saying 52 cuts, we will give you 52 services. That way, you aren't obligated to cut when it doesn't need it, but you will show up and remove trash, blow off parking lot, rake leaves,etc. I would think most commercial properties are highly concerned with trash pick up and keeping the property clean.....


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Why are you offering discounts? Name a price and stick to it.


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First things first....You need to find out what THEY want. If they want it mowed when it grows and trash pickup year round. Put that in your quote. If they want shrubs....put that in there.
YOU need to ask them what they want. That is a big mistake a lot of LCOs make when giving a quote. If a customer only really wants mowing and trimming and blowing, but you provide a quote for that plus shrubs, fert and other things....But Joes lawn service gives them a quote for just what they want....who do you think they are going to go with.

As far as the rest, In MY area, we mow on average 40 times a season. I visit some commercial customers weekly all year long. Trash, weeds, etc.

Figure out your per cut charge....Your per VISIT charge when you don't mow, and any other charges throughout the year. Add them up and divide by 12. Presto....Monthly price.