What's included in spring and fall cleanup

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WEEDEATER, Jan 20, 2003.


    WEEDEATER LawnSite Member
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    What do you guys include in a spring and fall cleanup program?
  2. cos

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    A box of choclates and a coupon to sam goody?
  3. tiedeman

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    Spring Clean up:
    removal of leaves that fell late
    pick up of sticks and limbs from winter
    pick up of stones and fixing sod from snow plows

    Fall Clean up:
    removal or mulch of leaves

    anything else like winter fertilization, edging, etc is charged seperatly
  4. 2 man crew

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    Spring clean up: Blow out all landscaping and shrubs pick up all leaves and debris on the lawn.

    Fall Clean up: Same thing.

    Plow damage is not included unless it was damaged from us.
  5. rodfather

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    Spring: Blow out all the beds and pick up all sticks, limbs, twigs, leaves, etc., from winter storms.

    Fall: Blow out all beds and vac up leaves. Blow leaves into woods if applicable. Don't really have to worry about sticks and twigs since we have already been there all year mowing.
  6. Wesley's Lawn

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    Dont forget areation and dethatching.:D;)
  7. rodfather

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    How and/or where does aerating and dethatching figure in with Spring and Fall clean ups??? Those are premium services over and above clean ups IMHO.
  8. lawnboy11

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    Actually, here on Long Island (at least in Nassau) all spring clean-ups usually include dethatching, but not aeration. I include the early spring apps too, but charge a lot for it all.
  9. Turfdude

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    Spring clean up: Clean all debris from landscapebeds, turfgrass areas and parking areas. Clean all sidewalks, sidewalk seams, curbs and driveways. Removeany downed branches, sticks, leaves or other debris from turfgrass and landscape beds. Cut back all perennials as necessary to promote proper plant propogation.

    Fall clean-up: Remove all annual flowers, cut back spent perennials and clean all leaves and debris from turfgrass areas and landscape beds.

  10. lawnkid

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    Spring cleanups include: Blowing out debris and leaves from all beds, picking up debris/twigs and such. We also trim and mow. That's all included in the total price of the hourly rate.
    Aerataion, Dethatching, Pruning, mulch cultivation and Seeding are all extra costs. I don't fix any torn up grass from their plowers if they have them. That's another extra.

    Fall cleanups include: Blowing out all leaves from beds, picking up debris/twigs and such. We also trim and mow too which is also included in the hourly rate.
    Removal of leaves, gutter cleaning, dethatching, aerating and bulb planting are all extras.

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