Whats it LIke Being in Irrigation


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The tracing of wires and electrical diagnostics is what really separates the bootlegger from the licensed irrigator . Not saying its the end all be all but a lot of people come to america and cut grass trim trees, and plant stuff .. those same people can skrew on a head or glue pipe but cant run a locator or dianose a lightening strike damage to a 2 wire system. Its also what employeers look for when hiring a tech. Programming controllers and operating a controller is also a good skill to learn. You can take a course at most suppliers to help u learn the electrical aspects of irrigation . If u can master that your pay goes up too. Without this ability you limit yourself bc as i said many unskilled laborers can quickly learn how to replace heads and glue pipe. Good luck


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Passion is required for doing this job many years. I have held my TX Irrigator license since 1998. I am proud to tell potential customers I hold one of the oldest licenses in Texas. I am very proud of my work and it is a great feeling to pass up a location I either installed the system at or repaired something there. In short I think if you are not passionate about what ever job you do you might be unhappy at the job. Irrigation for the beginner is going to require you to dig, dig, and dig more.. you are going to have to operate a shovel for long periods of time each day if you are doing installs. Most likely if its a large commercial job like a apartment complex, mall, or my PERSONAL favorite golf courses.. you will likely start off cleaning trenches behind the guy operating the trencher. I graduated college and got a job with a large Neb. based landscape company. I walked in for my first day and the superintendent said how do like irrigation. OH HECK... I wanted the glamour job. Shaping the ground. But no. I was put into irrigation . I knew it was the hardest job. I was not thrilled. But 29yrs later I have reached that level of experience that makes my yrs of hard physical labor very very desired by anyone looking for a irrigator. If My passion to make the best irrigation system and put my name on each job wasnt there I would most definitely be in another field. I think my best advice to you is try it. See how you like it. In the summer doing irrigation has advantages. You can turn on a zone and cool off. But you will get muddy you will get tired, you are going to start off as a helper which means you dig. A little advice ... when you are digging a hole ALWAYS put the dirt in a pile. Do not.. repeat DO NOT throw the dirt in every direction around the hole. By putting the spoils in a single pile it will go back in the hole much much easier. I know this advice sounds simple or silly. But trust me when I say this. I cant count the number of helper I have had that could not get this . It will really pay off if you do it. I GUARANTEE IT. Hope I was of some assistance. Good Luck in your choice.

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