Whats it LIke Being in Irrigation

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    The tracing of wires and electrical diagnostics is what really separates the bootlegger from the licensed irrigator . Not saying its the end all be all but a lot of people come to america and cut grass trim trees, and plant stuff .. those same people can skrew on a head or glue pipe but cant run a locator or dianose a lightening strike damage to a 2 wire system. Its also what employeers look for when hiring a tech. Programming controllers and operating a controller is also a good skill to learn. You can take a course at most suppliers to help u learn the electrical aspects of irrigation . If u can master that your pay goes up too. Without this ability you limit yourself bc as i said many unskilled laborers can quickly learn how to replace heads and glue pipe. Good luck
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    Its like playing in the mud and walking thru sprinklers and getting paid for it .
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    Wow. Quality Folk here ^
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