Whats it like in Florida doing this business???

Vibe Ray

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Slidell, LA
Hey Guys! I was planning on moving out after I graduate in the end of May2001 and I really want to get outta Louisiana! You know, just some place different. Florida is on the top of the list for me right now. So tell me about Florida and what it's like doing this business in Florida???


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Central Florida
Imagine having hundreds of people to compete with. That's Florida.

I think I'll move up where Stone is and compete with him :) Sounds like there is plenty of business up north.


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Zone 9
I have lived in Florida since I was 4 years old, long before Walt Disney World came along and everything and everyone that followed. It has grown tremendously, people move here everyday, seeking a Tropical paradise. It's Hot in the summer, and I haven't seen a winter in about two-three years. Although I am hoping for one this year.
As far as the business side goes, whew!, it's tough!
alot of people doing work for little or no money, it takes awhile but you can make it. We cut anywhere from 38 to 44 times per year. As far as working for someone else, in their business, I have heard a lot of complaints from past employees, but then again they are past employees.
There is definately plenty to do here, beaches, parks, ect..., but I don't think Florida has the rich history of our northern neighbors. I guess it all depends what you like to do and what your looking for in life. Best of Luck!


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Flint, Michigan
I would love to be somewhere around the Clearwater - Tampa area myself! Ive often thought about taking the rig down there to scavange up some work during the winter. I have a friend doing it in Las Vegas, and he absolutely LOVES it out there! Of course, I guess he has some pretty good full sevice contracts with some of the hotels and such. Better yet, how about the new guy's location- where's he at,- Maui, I think? WOW! Talk about green with envy!:)


central fl.
Old people. Low income for working people. Cheap people.
Old people mowing yards for $10-15 a yard just to have something to do and to supplement there double dip retirement plans from up NORTH.So come on down and join the party.
Keith wrote:

>I think I'll move up where Stone is and compete with him Sounds like there is plenty of business up north.

You would be better (for you for sure) if you were my employee. I will provide you with a 15 year old pick up some 15 year old gear drives and you will work in cool temps and low humidity (most of the time).

Then just b/4 Thanksgiving you will be laid off and collect UC comp till St. patricks day. You can go to Fla and "pretend" that you are looking for work and take a long vacation on me (my UC comp is 10% of payroll up to $8k)and the commonwealth of PA.

Any takers?


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I live in southwest FLA. I like it so far.Been here a little over 2 yrs. now. As far as wages go,stay up north. As far as weather, come on down. I do not miss northern climate at all! Lawncare is very competitive here. Like someone said people doing it cheap just for something to do. Just my 2 cents. I've worked my lawncare business for almost 2 yrs here. I stay solo because I've heard and seen the nightmares that employees can cause. I'm doing ok. It's what you make of it,I guess. Average yard here is 80x125. $18-20 per cut. (No, I'm not kidding.) My wife works at a major hospital here and carries the health ins.I feel for anyone who has to pay $500 or more per month for health ins. I'm lucky as far as that goes. Good luck to everyone out there.


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Central Florida
Hot for nine months.(south fla). Then it gets nice for a few. Keith says (hundreds of contractors). Must be nice. We have a few thousand in the area from Palm Beach to Miami. If you come this far south, it would benifit you to learn spanish.I noa speakie. Tough market down here. If you can provide above average quality, you'll have no problem keeping customers. It takes a while to get these kind of customers cause they are word of mouth types. (slow grow).

Starling Lawn

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I`m in n. Fla.Everyone one and his brother cuts grass.If you do quality work and are dependable there is money to be made.South Fla has more business.
The guys up north make more money and can offer more services.


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Seymour Indiana
I think I will just read my Jimmy buffet novel and pretend I am in the keys.......I have a idea of ther keys being a dream land ..so I dont want to visit and have it ruined....