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What's It Worth?


LawnSite Gold Member
36" Lesco WB, I assume hydro drive, comes with catcher, sulky, and mulch kit. I am gonna call about it later, was just wondering what a ballpark cost might be?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Cleveland Ga
Just for reference...

In Januarry I bought a 2006 Lesco 36" Hydro WB, with extra belts and blades and fabric catcher. It has 16 hours on it and I got it for $1800 or 1850.

I got a good deal, but if I were going out and buying a new hydro WB, I wouldn't buy another one. I've had a heck of a time with the hydro controls. They are not smooth and I have to run the right side a little faster than the left to keep it tracking straight. I also don't like the pistol grip controls, but that's just a preference thing.

My problems may just be my mower, but I've had it back to Lesco twice and they say it's "as good as they can get it".