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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by kaufmaninc, Apr 2, 2003.

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    2000 60" 26 efi, koehler with 340 hrs.. Nice shape. had to replace the outer spindle & clutch. Is this common that early. I'm in Springfield, Il & the mower is in Evansville, IN. He's asking $7,000. I think waaaaaaaay to high. What's the high &low for this old of mower, & are there any issues.
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    Tough call. Many things can factor into the price of used equipment. Things like mower conditions, maintenance regiment, worn components that may need repair and how repairs have been performed in the past.

    A new 28 EFI will have an MSRP of around $10k. My advice would be to go to your local dealer, see what features a new machine has that the used one doesn't, compare that along with the price difference and then determine which one makes more sense to you.

    As far as the repairs go, I wouldn't say these are unheard of. The clutch in 2000 wasn't nearly as up to the task as the current production and the spindles have improved as well. Both of these failures however with less than 400 hours would be, in my opinion the exception rather than the rule. I'd look the unit over real close.



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